God-Sized Dreams


Another New Year has arrived!

To paraphrase the Grinch: Let’s blow our flu-flubers and bang our tar-tinkers!

Let’s shriek, squeak and squeal, racing round on our wheels and dance with jin-tinglers tied onto our heels!

Uh huh.

Is that what you are thinking, or are you hiding under the bed with your pet dust bunnies because you’ve just had it with this whole silly business of setting your sights on your dreams because it only leads to failure and disappointment?

If you’re among the discouraged, I’ve got some exciting news for you.


You may have noticed a new button in my right sidebar:


Yup. Author Holley Gerth called out from her blog, many answered, ninety-nine were chosen.

We each had to tell her what our God-Sized Dream was. Gulp.

Although I have several big dreams—publishing books, and writing and speaking to encourage women—I chose speaking at Allume.

Hold on, I’ve got to go get a paper bag because I’m hyperventilating that I just wrote that in front of God and everyone.

Good golly it’s hard to put that out there. However, I did start jotting down ideas for my presentation the very day I submitted my application to Holley for a slot on this team. :-)

Given that I joined Toastmasters a couple of months ago and have only given two speeches, I am really reaching here, just so you know.

Now that I’ve gone first, I’d love to have you jump in too!

Holley says:

I’m inviting you to open the door to God-sized dream in 2013.

Yep, even if your knees are knocking in your cute boots a bit.

And she continues:

Now before you get too nervous, let me assure you that God-sized dreams are not really about size at all–they are about what perfectly fits YOUR heart. It’s really another way of describing your purpose. And we all have one.

What’s yours?

Whether a crystal clear answer pops into your mind or you don’t have a clue, this journey is for you.

You really can take the next steps toward what God has for you this year. Two small ways to start today. . .

You can read the rest here on how to begin, how to take tiny, mustard seed sized steps.

That’s not too scary now, is it?

I invite you to be encouraged as well by a post I wrote a while back. Perhaps you’ve heard the knock at your door before. Whether you are answering it again, or for the very first time, we’re all rooting for you!



The knock comes again, at my front door, this time more firm and determined.

I’ve been down these stairs before.

I think that every time it will be different.

That my inner optimistic child, who hears the pounding of our answered prayers, will grab my hand and I will run joyfully right alongside her, to throw open that door, and sing exuberantly in harmony with and in response to the call of the  hopes and happiness and possibilities on my steps.

But, no, my more serious realistic fearful self focuses instead on the roar of the tangled, messy, difficult world beyond, and hesitates again, because. . .

. . .of the “what makes you think that’s achievable?” that whips around my legs and makes progress forward almost impossible.

. . .of the “how is that idea ever going to take flight?” that pushes hard on my chest and leaves me struggling for the will to continue.

. . .of the “do you really think anything has changed, that you can really be successful?” that howls in my ears and tries to force me to quit.

Each time, though, when I cover my ears to the cacophony and instead focus on His voice, I realize that there are many knocks I have heard and answered, and I am much further along in my journey than I had previously recognized.

When I walk with Him instead of by my silly independent self, the gale force winds go quiet, and I am enveloped in a valley of peace and light that allows me to move forward a step at a time, and that when I do fall, He is always there to help me up as I move forward towards my God-Sized Dreams.


Join us, won’t you?

Question: Would you share one of your dreams? If you’re not ready for that, how about sharing just one teensy step you could take today?

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  1. Kim, this post really spoke to me. I have been so busy being fearful about my future that I forgot that God will support me in fulfilling my purpose. I am ready to take some baby steps now. Thank you! xo
    ilene recently posted…BallsMy Profile

    • Always such a joy to see you here, Ilene. I am both humbled and tickled this spoke to you. Take those baby steps. Not only will all of us be rooting for you, but God will be with you too! Be sure to stay in touch!

  2. LOVE your big dream, Kim! Good for you for joining Toastmasters. You’ll get a lot of great tips there. And if God opens the door to speak at Allume, I know you’ll do a great job. I’ll be there on the front row, smiling and cheering you on! (I taught my kids to speak to the “friendly faces” in the crowd, and to always BE the friendly face in the crowd!)

    My God-sized dream? To be a travel blogger. (There, I said it!) I love to write, and heaven knows I love an adventure. If God opens that door, I’ll keel over from joy :)
    Susan recently posted…A Monday Pause ~ BodyMy Profile

    • Thanks for your great encouragement, Susan. I will let out a giant SQUEEE! for you as I think about you becoming a travel blogger. What is keeping you from taking even a baby step towards it today? Just don’t keel over-I’m not close enough to catch you so you don’t hit the floor! ;-D

  3. Kim, this is awesome. You are giving me courage. Thank you! Keep it up! I have to get a post up sharing my God-sized dream tomorrow!
    Jennifer recently posted…When I prayed for One WordMy Profile

  4. Hooray for you, Kim, on sharing your dream :) You know one of mine from my Friday “Opportunity” Post, which surprised even me, sort of because I wasn’t planning on sharing quite yet, but you know how those FMF go…Keep going for it…I have heard great things about Toastmasters…Do you go once a week, or a month?
    Dolly recently posted…Alphabet of Thanks Series: Need "G"raceMy Profile

    • Hooray right back at you, Dolly! Yes, our writing can certainly surprise us, can’t it? One of the many things I love about FMF!
      I love Toastmasters. My hubbie and I go every week. We’ve already learned a lot, and the folks are wonderfully encouraging and helpful. If you were interested, you can visit different clubs to try them out before joining and paying dues.

  5. What a wonderful and inspirational blog post! Thanks so much for sharing your God-sized dream. I wasn’t going to blog tonight, but now I think I may just have to…
    It will be exciting to watch your dream unfold in 2013. PS. I joined Toastmasters in October. I am preparing my ice breaker speech. Thanks again!
    kim recently posted…Four years–yipee!!My Profile

    • I’ll be praying for your icebreaker! I was nervous, and my husband was very very nervous. We joked that that as long as we made it through without passing out, we would pass with flying colors! ;-D

      I’m glad you were encouraged to write, and thanks for your sweet words.

  6. ah, and here’s the thing—i can see that dream unfolding! and maybe i’ll be there to hear you :-)
    encouraging women–yep, i see that in you big time. all the while with a smile on your face. you are a big heart encourager to me, already. and to many other women, i’m sure.
    looking forward to seeing God build this dream of yours,
    HopeUnbroken recently posted…every day an opportunityMy Profile

    • I look forward to having you in the audience, Steph! I am so very blessed by your encouragement. With all the encouraging you do, I would call this our endless loop of happy encouragement! Thanks for coming by.

  7. Kim – I love this post! Such encouragement to other dreamers and such bravery – keep up the good (hard) work!

  8. Kim, I love it! I wrote today about seeking Scripture to help me with my God-sized dream. My struggle right now is trying to discern God’s voice from my own, often too loud, voice! My OLW this year is “dream,” and now, I am seeking a Bible verse to focus on. (Last year it was Jeremiah 29:11) I’m not sure which one I will ultimately select. But I’m working on it!
    Olivia recently posted…Living with the God-sized DreamMy Profile

    • Welcome to my happy little corner of the web, Olivia! Oooh, I’d be hard pressed to top Jeremiah 29:11; it’s one of my favorites! I hear you on having a loud personal voice. I strugglewith that too!

  9. Love your specificity in your God-sized dream. You could’ve said speak to a group of women but you were specific with Allume. And I think He wants us to be specific in our prayers, don’t you? It’s the sacred echo I am hearing. It sounds easy but its quite hard for me actually. Glad I stopped by here, you’ve made me think in a good way.
    Shelly Miller recently posted…I’ve Got A HunchMy Profile

    • I think he does, Shelly. I know that naming it made me quake in my boots; there is no wiggle room there! Your words have really touched me. I am so glad you found something meaningful here.

  10. Congrats on putting it out there–specific and wonderful goal that it is! You and the other brave ladies on the God-sized Dreams Team are just wowing me today with your big hearts :)
    Elizabeth Anne May recently posted…Haymow DreamsMy Profile

  11. Love the way you claim this, Kim! Praying for you!

  12. Woohoo!! Good for you!
    Putting those dreams out there was WAY scarier than I thought it would be. I’ve found so much encouragement not only from Holley’s book but from all you other lovely ladies. God Bless!!

    Oh~love your blog picture, seeing you smile so big always makes me smile too!! :)

    • I agree! Hitting that publish button marks a big step towards our dreams. Woohoo for you to, and for all the awesome ladies that are on this journey, Alecia. Ad thanks for your words-you made me blush. :-)

  13. Way to put it out there Kim!!! Now that’s what I call a God-sized dream! LOVE IT!!! Love your dream, your fearlessness…all of it. Phew! (now…where did I put my paper bag?)

  14. Kim, I just love your enthusiasm and willingness to acknowledge the fear yet move forward in faith anyway-and take all of us with you! Excited to see all God does in and through you this year!
    Holley Gerth recently posted…Why You Really Do Have a God-sized Dream {even if you don’t know it yet}My Profile

    • I am excited as well, Holley, and I am so appreciative for you following your God-sized dreams to encourage so many! Thanks for coming by and for your words.

  15. I love that I now know your God-sized dream. Love it love it love it! And I will be praying for you!!!
    Jen Ferguson recently posted…My Favorite Person in the World and the Soli Deo Gloria PartyMy Profile

    • Oh, yeah. It still makes me quake, Jen, knowing that it is out in public. I am so grateful for your prayers and for all the encouragement you share, both here and especially at your blog!

  16. You make me smile! I can’t wait to see what God has in store for you! And, Toastmasters- off to see if there is one local for me.
    Melissa recently posted…I have a {God-Sized} DreamMy Profile

    • You made my day, Melissa-I hope you find a Toastmasters locally. They will really help you become a better and more confident speaker!

  17. Kim, loved the post and so timely! I needed to hear that!
    You got this, girl!! Will be praying!!
    Lisa recently posted…S.M.A.R.T. Goals & Living Beyond RichMy Profile

    • I am always so glad to be of service, Lisa, just as I am glad you have been an encourager to me over at 48 Days! I am always amazed that we think others have it together, and only we need the push.

  18. Yeah, Kim! Wonderful post. I hope your 2013 is blessed, and I am excited to see how God works on this journey of your dream. Thrilled to be Dream Teaming with you!
    Mandy recently posted…DesperateMy Profile

    • I am thrilled and so incredibly humbled to be part of Holley’s Dream Team as well with you! Thanks so much for taking the time to drop by!

  19. Kim, I love your God-Sized Dream! You are so inspiring…I can’t wait to see how God works in and through you as you pursue this! I also hope I’ll be there to hear you and cheer you on! Blessings to you, friend…so excited to share this journey with you!
    Mel recently posted…My God-Sized Dream…in WordsMy Profile

    • It has been so scary to actually commit publicly to a goal, especially one that is, by all logical thinking, so far beyond my reach. I am always comforted to remember that through God all things are possible. Thanks for your kind words, Mel!

  20. What a fabulous GOD-SIZED dream! I’m excited to see how HE works in and through us as we journey.
    Stefanie Brown recently posted…Immeasurably More ~ Living the God-Sized Dream…My Profile

  21. I love this Kim! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and encouraging me! It can be so scary to type out your dream…thanks for inspiring me :) Can’t wait to see your dream fulfilled!

  22. It seems fear is one of those things that always seems to be lurking in the corners – just when I start to move forward with confidence and optimism – it springs out and trips me up. Thanks for this post! I can’t wait to see where God leads you now that you’ve answered the knock on the door! :)

  23. Exactly what I need to do–“cover my ears to the cacophony and instead focus on His voice,” I’m going to trust God for my dreams today.
    Pamela recently posted…Sharing the Shelter #9 and GiveawayMy Profile

  24. KIM!!!
    So, excited about your God-sized dream. Hey, and I just wanted to give you a very big thank you for all of the links to girly resouces and posts you left at my place last week. Awesome, awesome! Looking forward to following you as you get closer to that dream of yours.
    Amy Sullivan recently posted…When You Wake Up and Decide You Like Who You AreMy Profile

  25. Kim, you have some amazing dreams! I have a feeling we’re all going to get to watch them become a reality! Best wishes and prayer for ALL of your God sized dreams coming true.
    adrienne recently posted…Solitaire-Y Moments and a Clarisonic #GiveawayMy Profile

  26. Thank you for sharing this. While I was reading this it really made me think of my own life. This year I have set so many goals for myself. I started a blog last year and it had opened up so many opportunities that I am excited to see what this year has in store. No matter what God is the one guiding my life and helping me to make better choices in my life.

  27. I really enjoyed reading your thoughts n having God Sized Dreams. I am going to ponder upon your thoughts and invitation and think more abut what is my purpose for now and this year.
    Thanks for an enlightening and challenging post.
    Blessings to you for this one!
    I think it is awesome that you are going to be a speaker at the conference. it you speak like your write you will be a great success.
    Living Waters by LeAnn recently posted…The Song In My Heart~My Profile


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