The peril of being Possibility Impaired

peril of being possibility impaired

  Have you ever heard the expression Possibility Impaired? I hadn’t until I read a real estate book by Gary Eldred. He wrote about home owners who couldn’t see the potential—the possibilities—in their properties. I immediately thought about how applicable this phrase was to so much of our lives. Please allow me share a couple […]

Living Beyond Your Comfort Zone

Living beyond your comfort zone

Have you ever felt stuck, and wondered about the possibility of living beyond your comfort zone as a solution?  How does that make you feel? Afraid? Irresponsible? Excited? This week I have three pieces to challenge and encourage you. I pray they will breathe life, strength, and courage into your soul!   Apathetic Living and […]

Valentine’s Day: 5 tips for a delightful celebration

valentines day

    Jay Leno said, “Today is Valentine’s Day. Or, as men like to call it, Extortion day.” The best humor always has a smidge of truth in it, doesn’t it? Jay’s comment is no exception. There is an air of huge expectancy from the women for their men to perform above and beyond on […]

Saturday Sips: Winter remedies

winter remedies

    Winter remedies are my sweet and soothing gift to you today. I know many of you have been shoveling, shivering, and sniffling your way through this unusually cold and snowy season. Consequently, you have sandpapery skin, the bent back and complaining ways of a 120 year old, and if you owned stock in Kleenex, […]

Cabin Fever: Time to take action

Cabin fever-time to take action

    Welcome to the Too Darn Happy Cafe, where the sunshine is always bright and the afternoons warm!   This morning I realized that for the first time in my life, I am not suffering from cabin fever. I grew up in New England where we joke that summer is a week or two […]

Saturday Sips-Refreshment for your life

Saturday Sips-refreshment for your weekend

    I am a gatherer of resources, a sharer of information to help you find happiness right where you are. Especially in those really irritating places where you wonder if you can get through the day without doing something you’ll regret. I am starting this weekly series—Saturday Sips—as a way to share the multitude […]

Budgeting: Love it or hate it?

budgeting love it or hate it

It’s a new month and the new year. That means it’s time for a new budget. Woohoo! Wait—Did you not join me in my celebratory whoop? Does that mean you approach budgeting the same way you approach a spoonful of medicinal cod liver oil? You know, you stick out your tongue, make disgusting noises, and […]

Discovering Joy: It’s up to you, but not about you, Pt 2

Discovering Joy

Welcome to the second half of Discovering Joy. If you missed the first, you can read it here. I wrote previously: I learned that really getting the most out of Allume (a recent blogging conference I attended), or any other gathering in life, really learning to discover joy right where we are, is that it is up to us, but […]

Discovering Joy: Turning neuroses into new roses Pt 1

Discovering joy: turning neuroses into new roses

Let’s see a show of hands: Who wants to go to a gathering of hundreds of strangers, where you don’t know anyone in real life, many who are more accomplished in their careers than you, have more friends, are more famous, well-spoken, fashionable, thinner, and especially aren’t just so darn plain-Jane average like you? Nobody? We […]

Today you can be their gift: Speak up!

today you can be their gift

   Have you ever felt nudged to speak up, share something, to offer help or hope, or simply to introduce yourself? Did you act on that nudge, or did you squelch it, thinking it might make you look foolish, put you in the uncomfortable situation of being rebuffed, or worse? Our little but loudly yipping […]

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