Laying the groundwork for a stronger family

Making the decision to move 1,000 miles away from the deep roots you’ve put down over the course of your life is not an easy one. I speak from experience, as it took my husband and I years to finally decide to move from the cold northeast to the mild climate of Tennessee. Now that […]

A thrifty DIY investment that pays dividends

  What we wanted in our recently purchased home was leather furniture that looked like a million bucks but only cost a few hundred. Being the bargain hunters we are, we searched Craigslist and thrift stores for months before finding a set that was well-made, comfortable, well cared for, and was within budget. Since we […]

Debt freedom can make you complacent

    Do you remember how it feels to decide unequivocally it is time for a big change in your life? You have had enough of the old you, so you gather your resources and information to help you succeed. And you start rocking the new goal. Your motivation is so strong that nothing can stand in […]

Saturday Sips: 2 Must-Have DIY Refinishing Products

  Since I wrote this past week about finding Free and Nearly Free Treasures, I thought I’d share two must-have DIY refinishing products. Refinishing is fun, frugal, and rewarding, especially if you are referring to taking a piece of furniture with lots of surface ugly and revealing the gem below. First, though, you’ve got to be open to seeing the beauty […]

Beyond yard sales: How to find Free and Nearly Free treasures!

  Ah, spring. That season when the heart quickens and thoughts turn to love yard sales! Yes, my dear frugal friends, you know what I am talking about. Your family recognizes that starry eyed look of longing as you imagine the bargains awaiting your rescue. Well, that and the sudden u-turns worthy of a stunt driver […]

Saturday Sips: Your Personal Master Gardener, FREE!

  Are you weary of winter? Do you enjoy fresh vegetables? Then as your Personal Sherpa of Joy, I have a suggestion. I invite you to think about warmer weather and planting a garden. Those of you who are discouraged members of the Black Thumb Club like me, take heart. Your own Personal Master Gardener is available, for […]

Saturday Sips: 5 Places to find free ebooks!

Who doesn’t like free, especially when it comes to ebooks? If you are trying to keep a handle on your finances, or just indulge in your reading habit without breaking the bank, you’ll want to check out these 5 places to find free ebooks.   Story Cartel Jeff Goins and Joe Bunting—talented writers and nice […]

Leaving a legacy of love

  If you’ve been visiting here for a while, you are probably familiar with this powerful question: What do I do that shows you I love you? The answers are more numerous than the shoes in your closet, the pounds you’ve lost and gained, and the hours you’ve spent waiting.   There are the especially […]

Saturday Sips-Refreshment for your life

    I am a gatherer of resources, a sharer of information to help you find happiness right where you are. Especially in those really irritating places where you wonder if you can get through the day without doing something you’ll regret. I am starting this weekly series—Saturday Sips—as a way to share the multitude […]

Budgeting: Love it or hate it?

It’s a new month and the new year. That means it’s time for a new budget. Woohoo! Wait—Did you not join me in my celebratory whoop? Does that mean you approach budgeting the same way you approach a spoonful of medicinal cod liver oil? You know, you stick out your tongue, make disgusting noises, and […]

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