Joy Triumphs

Joy Triumphs

  Health is the greatest of God’s gifts, but we take it for granted. It hangs on a thread as fine as a spider’s web, and the smallest thing can make it snap, leaving the strongest of us helpless in an instant, and in that instant, hope is our protector, and love, our panacea. ~Via PBS […]

Saturday Sips: Your Personal Master Gardener, FREE!

your personal master gardener

  Are you weary of winter? Do you enjoy fresh vegetables? Then as your Personal Sherpa of Joy, I have a suggestion. I invite you to think about warmer weather and planting a garden. Those of you who are discouraged members of the Black Thumb Club like me, take heart. Your own Personal Master Gardener is available, for […]

The peril of being Possibility Impaired

peril of being possibility impaired

  Have you ever heard the expression Possibility Impaired? I hadn’t until I read a real estate book by Gary Eldred. He wrote about home owners who couldn’t see the potential—the possibilities—in their properties. I immediately thought about how applicable this phrase was to so much of our lives. Please allow me share a couple […]

Living Beyond Your Comfort Zone

Living beyond your comfort zone

Have you ever felt stuck, and wondered about the possibility of living beyond your comfort zone as a solution?  How does that make you feel? Afraid? Irresponsible? Excited? This week I have three pieces to challenge and encourage you. I pray they will breathe life, strength, and courage into your soul!   Apathetic Living and […]

Finding joy in the journey

finding joy in the journey

Our family went on a summer vacation to Alaska a few years back. I assumed it would be easy finding joy in the journey: Family, cruise, new shores to explore! What’s not to love?   According to WeatherSpark, we would be enjoying daytime July temps of 63 degrees or so. However, our reality looked a lot […]

You are a walking advertisement for you

you are a walking advertisement for you

Do you remember those old-fashioned sandwich boards? Businesses would, and still do, employ people to walk around to market their businesses. Similarly, you are a walking advertisement for you. As the lyrics of that old song from The Police go: Every breath you take, every move you make, every bond you break, every step you […]

Are you a listener or a fixer?

are you a listener or fixer

  Admit it: You love it when folks listen to you, especially when it is your husband. There is almost a sexiness about it when his eyes are looking into yours, and his attention is fully focused what you have to say.   But what about when you feel you are not being heard? Stephen […]

Saturday Sips: I want answers!

i want answers

    On Saturdays, I share refreshment and insight—wisdom, information, encouragement—for your life. Today I have seven nifty places to go on the web when you are shouting begging threatening saying: I want answers!   If you are ready to go in search of that elusive information, here’s the list: 1.  Top 10 search engines. Let’s begin by […]

Valentine’s Day: 5 tips for a delightful celebration

valentines day

    Jay Leno said, “Today is Valentine’s Day. Or, as men like to call it, Extortion day.” The best humor always has a smidge of truth in it, doesn’t it? Jay’s comment is no exception. There is an air of huge expectancy from the women for their men to perform above and beyond on […]

Saturday Sips: Winter remedies

winter remedies

    Winter remedies are my sweet and soothing gift to you today. I know many of you have been shoveling, shivering, and sniffling your way through this unusually cold and snowy season. Consequently, you have sandpapery skin, the bent back and complaining ways of a 120 year old, and if you owned stock in Kleenex, […]

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