Offering ourselves grace

You know the drill. You line the kids up before they sit down at the table, and ask to check their hands to see if they are actually clean. A reasonable request, don’t you think? What if God lined us up at the end of the day, and asked to inspect our hearts, especially in […]

Web Roundup-Fun with Photography

The holidays are behind us and the kids have returned to school, but here in the northeast we will have days of deep cold or big snowfalls in the coming months. That often means the kids are home for a day and possibly bored. That also means there is an opportunity for some digital photography […]

Web Roundup-Nifty technolgy that connects us

We have rolled right into thick of the Christmas season, with Black Friday and Cyber Monday already long gone from the rear view mirror, eggnog and gingerbread calling our name, and visions of having all our tasks completed early dancing in our heads. You may have your shopping all done and wrapped. If so, I […]

Wild Web Roundup-Strengths

We’ve spent the last few posts looking at how to be a parent who encourages, focuses on strengths and works to create a home environment that is invitational to your children and their creative pursuits: 3 Steps to Discovering and Encouraging Your Child’s Strengths and Talents What Happens When You Encourage a Daughter? Are You […]

Wild Web Roundup-Parenting

  Welcome and thanks for stopping by our roundup today, where we have spun our way around the web to bring you some great information and resources on parenting. We are going to start today with the parent part of parenting. Yes, I’m talking to you, all of you parents, who will do anything for […]

Wild Web Roundup

Hello, hello, and welcome to our occasional taming of the web, where we capture stories in the great wilderness and bring them here for your perusal and enjoyment. ********************   First in the center ring today is from Gabriele at Radical Parenting. She writes about those recent, puzzling teen trends of planking, owling and batting. […]

Wild Web Roundup

  It’s time for another round up on the wild, wild web. Grab your lasso and let’s catch some good stuff!     ******************** A cautionary tale about the true cost of a college education, from Zachary Freeman, a Business Finance Major at the University of TN at Chatanooga, who has written Free Money, Please, The […]

The Wild Web Roundup

Good Monday to everyone! Welcome again to my occasional feature, the Wild Web Roundup, in which I share interesting tidbits from with internet. We come out of the gate today with more changes from Facebook: Ahh, Facebook. I barely knew ye, yet you have changed again. What do we need to know, and what will […]

The Weekly Wild Web Roundup

Welcome to the first post of an occasional feature I am introducing: The Weekly Wild Web Roundup, through which I share some of the great reads I find. My desire is to provide inspiration, hope, encouragement, how-to, or just plain old good-for-the-soul laughter from the information I highlight. ******************** Kara Chupp, of The Chuppies, wrote […]

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