Debt freedom can make you complacent

    Do you remember how it feels to decide unequivocally it is time for a big change in your life? You have had enough of the old you, so you gather your resources and information to help you succeed. And you start rocking the new goal. Your motivation is so strong that nothing can stand in […]

Budgeting: Love it or hate it?

It’s a new month and the new year. That means it’s time for a new budget. Woohoo! Wait—Did you not join me in my celebratory whoop? Does that mean you approach budgeting the same way you approach a spoonful of medicinal cod liver oil? You know, you stick out your tongue, make disgusting noises, and […]

Creating pearls from your problems

Last week I wrote about the power behind embracing your problems, that if we grab hold of them rather than hiding or running away, we have so much to gain. Today I am sharing stories of folks who did just that so as to illustrate a glimpse of the possibilities that are available.  ~~~~~ A […]

Are you embracing your problems?

Welcome, welcome, whether you are a familiar face or a new visitor! For you first timers, I am so glad that you have found me, as I am passionate about sharing resources and information to help you builder stronger and more satisfying relationships in your lives. I regularly mix family, faith, friendships and frugality for […]

The Wow Factor-Are you getting the most for your money?

  When you think about making a purchase, have you ever thought about rating it on a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 barely moving the needle and 10 being a big, exciting WOW?   The WOW Factor Back in the 1990’s I came across The Tightwad Gazette by Amy Dacyczn and the revolutionary […]

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