Where’s that pony?

Seeing—and taking full advantage of—opportunities for gratitude, especially where there don’t seem to be any, will help smooth your journey across the sometimes rocky roads of life. The trick, though, is to notice those opportunities for what they are. Lots of times they’ll look like one thing, but when you change your perspective—Voila!—you see them […]

Are you living like you are dying?

In the past two weeks I’ve heard from a fellow writer who lost one of her dear friends who was a wife and mother of two teens, a co-worker from a previous job whose dad passed away, and a recent acquaintance whose son succumbed to an illness. The grief is deep in those families, and […]

Getting to yes: Use honey not vinegar

  I love yard sales and the possibilities for treasures they contain. There are the opportunities for meeting new people and holding fun conversations, too. Whether the sales are here in Tennessee,  New Hampshire, or elsewhere, however, one rule holds true: If you want something, here is the secret to getting to yes: Use honey […]

Being grateful for unanswered prayers

We all have unanswered prayers, although we may each know them by different names. They are the desires of our heart, things we wish for so deeply and are so sure that we want. Sometimes, the door slams so hard in our face on these hopes that it feels we will never even get close. […]

Saturday Sips: Gratitude, the ultimate life sweetener

  It’s the day after Valentine’s Day, and some of you may be feeling let down, left out, or just weary of the endless parade of advertisements. Therefore, I decree it’s the perfect time for big, sweet, dollops of gratitude for our Saturday Sip of insight.   1.  First up is my latest post at Happy […]

Marriage: What story do you want to tell?

    Last week I discovered this wonderful question: What story do you want to tell about {fill in the blank} in the future?   Then, yesterday at church the pastor said this: Everything becomes ordinary.   I was struck by the relationship between the two in regards to marriage.   In the beginning, your […]

What Driver’s Ed teaches you about solving problems

When you took Driver’s Education in high school, you were taught to be aware of all your surroundings so you would be safe behind the wheel. As you looked ahead, you scanned the traffic and the roadsides. You glanced regularly at your rear view mirror, where you kept an eye on the vehicles and the […]

Forgetting to be grateful: unmet expectations and Not-Skis

Merry, merry, Christmas, everyone! So that I may spend more time with my family I am sharing a post from last year, written by my daughter Alexis. As I wrote last year, she is cute, witty, and a terrific writer. Plus, she and her hubby are parents now, so perhaps this is a timely story […]

Spending less at Christmas yields more joy

What do you really want to experience this year for Christmas?   Less stress? More joy? If that is true for you, here is one way to get there: giving fewer gifts. I’m referring to reducing the number and scale of presents, which is not to be confused with your charitable giving. This can be […]

Stop and smell the roses and sweet baby’s breath

    Have you gone from stretching out in the hammock to being stretched tighter than a rubber band? Transitioning from one season to another can have that effect, whether you are moving cross country, becoming a parent, or getting the kids ready for another school year. We want to hang on to that bright and […]

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