Saturday Sips: 2 Must-Have DIY Refinishing Products

  Since I wrote this past week about finding Free and Nearly Free Treasures, I thought I’d share two must-have DIY refinishing products. Refinishing is fun, frugal, and rewarding, especially if you are referring to taking a piece of furniture with lots of surface ugly and revealing the gem below. First, though, you’ve got to be open to seeing the beauty […]

Beyond yard sales: How to find Free and Nearly Free treasures!

  Ah, spring. That season when the heart quickens and thoughts turn to love yard sales! Yes, my dear frugal friends, you know what I am talking about. Your family recognizes that starry eyed look of longing as you imagine the bargains awaiting your rescue. Well, that and the sudden u-turns worthy of a stunt driver […]

Saturday Sips: Your Personal Master Gardener, FREE!

  Are you weary of winter? Do you enjoy fresh vegetables? Then as your Personal Sherpa of Joy, I have a suggestion. I invite you to think about warmer weather and planting a garden. Those of you who are discouraged members of the Black Thumb Club like me, take heart. Your own Personal Master Gardener is available, for […]

Saturday Sips: 10 Essential Kitchen Tools

  What do 10 essential kitchen tools have to do with insights for uncommon joy in the everyday?     Simply this: With the right equipment, quality ingredients, and simple, tasty recipes, working in the kitchen can truly be a delight.  I speak from experience. Been there, done that, and am a convert who enjoys […]

Quick and easy Christmas breakfasts and tasty treats

  Why am I sharing quick and easy Christmas breakfasts and tasty treat ideas on a blog dedicated to finding happiness right where you are, that helps you build stronger and more satisfying relationships? I’m talking about simple and yummy food that you gives you more time to enjoy family and friends. Prepared with lots […]

Four Insights for Moms from
Lucille Ball and The Chocolate Factory

  Whether you’ve previously seen the clip of Lucy and Ethel working in a chocolate factory or not, you need to watch it below before you go any further. Go ahead and enjoy a bit of humor for this morning. I’ll wait.   Their frantic behavior and makeshift solutions hit home every time and make […]

Revealing treasure-a family friendly product for refinishing furniture

If you have been hanging out here for a while, you know that I regularly mix family, friendships and frugality for lots of fun. I am a fan of being on the same page as your spouse financially, getting the most for your money, and getting or staying out of debt. Today we are talking […]

Moms-Ask for help!

There is something very ironic about this morning as I write this post while simultaneously printing out a twenty-five day project list for being organized throughout the Christmas season. Oh, and did I say that my gifts aren’t wrapped, I have come down with a cold, family has started to arrive for the holiday (hooray!), […]

Innkeeper secrets revealed! – Wrap up

Welcome to the final installment of my series, in which I wrap up more of my hard won wisdom in learning how to be more efficient, well-prepared and welcoming for guests. All of this information is transferable to your home kitchen, and hopefully will give you more time to relax and enjoy your friends and […]

Innkeeper secrets revealed!-Part 3

Welcome to the next to last installment of my series, in which I reveal more of the tips and tricks that innkeepers use in the kitchen to be efficient and well-prepared for guests. These are easily transferable to your home kitchen, and hopefully will give you more time to relax and enjoy your friends and […]

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