Forgetting to be grateful: unmet expectations and Not-Skis

Merry, merry, Christmas, everyone! So that I may spend more time with my family I am sharing a post from last year, written by my daughter Alexis. As I wrote last year, she is cute, witty, and a terrific writer. Plus, she and her hubby are parents now, so perhaps this is a timely story […]

Bear-ly fearless

 Fear. We talk about it quite a bit, don’t we, my friends? We can be afraid of so much, and yet when we face it head on, we find it is often just smoke and mirrors, an itty-bitty Chihuahua whose bark is artificially amplified from behind the curtain. Today I am sharing a story I wrote […]

The parable of the frugal traveler and the coin operated bathroom

Are you old enough to remember that stores did not always have free public bathrooms? You had to pay to use them, and they didn’t look anywhere near as sleek as this. You have not lived until you and your six siblings who are all under 10 years old are doing the traditional We’ve waited […]

A Random Too Darn Happy Moment on Rejection

  Welcome, welcome to my random “Too Darn Happy moments” — posts that exist solely for the joy and entertainment they provide. Come on in for just a few minutes, immerse yourself in the happiness, and then return to your day refreshed.   Today’s moment is one you have very possibly seen on YouTube, but […]

Stamina Challenge Day 3: How not to rev up your morning walk

  Welcome to Day 3 of the 7 Day Stamina Challenge! For any new readers let me bring you up to speed: We are arising a half hour earlier than our normal time (that’s 4am for me!), writing in our journal, and today, we are enjoying God’s countryside in all its morning glory for a […]

Mowing lawns and facing fears

Last night I helped my dear hubbie mow the lawn. All one gazillion acres of it. Ok. It’s not quite that big, but it feels that way when you are mowing the lawn for the FIRST TIME EVER in your entire life and you are on a rider that feels like it has forty horses […]

Did she just say what I think I heard?

There is always a lot of laughter in our house, as everyone shares a delightful, often offbeat, sense of humor.I can say that I have my own special kind of contribution, although often unintentional, always spontaneous, that my family has nicknamed “Kimisms”. You see, once in a while my command of the English language becomes, […]

Start your Monday with some laughter

I am a huge proponent of joy and laughter, as you might have guessed. I came across this video through my mom (thanks, mom!), and thought my readers would enjoy starting their week and their day with a laugh. After all, who can resist a talking dog?Just a couple of notes: While this video is […]

Choosing to break out the joy

Photo © K. Hall Here in the northeast, the cold, raw weather of March has continued its grip on April. I hear lots of grumbling and anger about the snow that still blankets the lawns and lines the roadsides, and about the storm just last week that dumped upwards of 6”-8” of more heavy, wet […]

One for the girls

Normally, I am not a person who forwards many emails. Who has time, with all the responding required to those requests for assistance from deposed dignitaries from third world countries who are prepared to send you millions of dollars? However, this one made me smile–even though there is no promise of riches within. I hope […]

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