There’s hope in front of you

How many times have you gotten discouraged reviewing the latest events in your life? You probably cherry-picked the worst moments, blew them up into large and excruciatingly awful detail, and stacked them upon all the other examples you could muster¬†of your incredible ineptitude or the impossibility of your situation until the tower tumbled and crashed […]

You are a Writer

  “Kim, could I see you before you go, please?” my teacher requested, as I was packing up my books along with the rest of the class.   We were just a few weeks into¬†Critical Thinking, a required inaugural course. I was dipping my toes back into the beloved waters of learning, beginning college a […]

Dear Me

Dear 16 Year Old Me, I have so much to share with you. How I wish I could reach through time to give you a hug and tell you how much you have to offer, that your worth is not measured by gleaming tresses, cool clothes, or a popularity contest, that when you are older […]

What if I lose my identity?

Who am I? What is my identity? I can hear the legions of women asking themselves that question as they ponder Lisa-Jo’s weekly prompt over at The Gypsy Mama. I’ll bet that “Mom” tops the list. After all, when you have children, you become a parent. You might still have a job outside the home, […]

Five Minute Friday-Loud

Shhhh. Can’t you just be quiet? Are you sure you want to wear that outfit? Don’t you want to be pretty? Don’t you want to be liked? Do you really think that joining that group is a good idea? Uh oh. I can hear my inner child ramping up the volume in response. But I’m […]

Offering ourselves grace

You know the drill. You line the kids up before they sit down at the table, and ask to check their hands to see if they are actually clean. A reasonable request, don’t you think? What if God lined us up at the end of the day, and asked to inspect our hearts, especially in […]

Five Minute Friday-Vivid

  Gray. Washed out. Worn out. Just plain tired. Do you feel as a mom sometimes that you just don’t have what it takes anymore? That between the job, the kids, the finances, the stress, that you have been stripped of your joyful, colorful self? I felt that way last year. You know what I […]

Life is short . . .let’s go long

In the introduction of More Than Money, author Neil Cavuto notes that greatness is defined not by how we handle all that goes well for us, but how we deal with all that does not. He continues, as he writes about people who have overcome great difficulties in their lives, that what’s vital isn’t the […]

More on Beauty

At the end of last week I sat down, as always with delight and anticipation, to read Lisa-Jo at The Gypsy Mama so see what she had in store for us for our Five Minute Friday. I read the topic, and my heart skipped a beat. Beauty. Gulp. What if I don’t consider myself beautiful? […]

Five minute Friday: Beauty

  Every Friday I join Lisa-Jo over at The Gypsy Mama for a quick, no edit writing topic, and we each watch, often in surprise, at what appears beneath our tapping fingers in the short span of five minutes. This week she pulls together what has been on her heart of late and turns it […]

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