Let your caged bird sing!

We are all afraid of something, especially if we haven’t found our special something. Especially if we go to work, day after day, and are emptied rather than fulfilled. We wonder if this is all there is. And then we beat ourselves up for not being grateful enough for what we do have. Been there, got the […]

Take this leap and change your life!

You whip your car into a parking place, rushing again to get to work on time. As you come to a hard stop, your purse tumbles off the seat, its contents disappearing underneath the empty fast-food bags and other clutter on the  floor. A strangled sigh of frustration escapes your lips, and tears prick at […]

What Ricochet the Dog teaches us about parenting

  Are you familiar with the story of Ricochet the Dog? She began “school” as a young pup so that when she grew up she would be a Service dog for an individual with disabilities. There are parallels between what happened during her training and what can transpire as you raise your children. You have […]

You are a Writer

  “Kim, could I see you before you go, please?” my teacher requested, as I was packing up my books along with the rest of the class.   We were just a few weeks into Critical Thinking, a required inaugural course. I was dipping my toes back into the beloved waters of learning, beginning college a […]

Five Minute Friday-Brave

photo: stevendepolo  Brave? That word used to send me scurrying under the bed with my good buddies the dust bunnies. They were good company: quiet, companionable, and most importantly, asked nothing of me. We’d just rest there until Miss Fearsome Opportunity stopped her insistent knocking on the door and moved along to scare share with […]

Leading, following, embracing

You must watch the following video narrated by Derek Sivers before reading the rest of my post, as it won’t make sense without it. Even if you have seen it before, watch it again and enjoy the amusing characters and witty commentary.  I encourage you to also think about where you are versus where you […]

The gift of a happy mom

    Have you ever considered that perhaps giving your family the  gift of a happy mom, a fulfilled mom, a mom who is willing to step out in faith, a mom who works in her strengths however they take shape, is one of the greatest ways to show your family how much you love […]

Wild Web Roundup-Strengths

We’ve spent the last few posts looking at how to be a parent who encourages, focuses on strengths and works to create a home environment that is invitational to your children and their creative pursuits: 3 Steps to Discovering and Encouraging Your Child’s Strengths and Talents What Happens When You Encourage a Daughter? Are You […]

What happens when you encourage a daughter?

  What does happen when you encourage a daughter to search for her strengths and to move forward in that direction? Some pretty incredible stuff. In learning so much this past year about what makes me tick-wheels going ka-thunk, wanting to live a life that matters, telling my story-I realized that there was so much […]

Three steps to discovering and encouraging your child’s strengths and talents

    Do you encourage your child’s strengths or concentrate on their weaknesses? I have a confession to make. I was a mom who concentrated on the weaknesses. I may have commented on the A’s, but my eye would go right to the other grades, and ask “What happened here? What can you do to […]

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