Five Minute Friday-Delight


Delight, oh my!

Colorful, bubbly, tinkling, shimmering, bright and shiny.


…in my children as they grow and even as they challenge me, for without the difficult times I would not appreciate the absolute wonderfulness of who they are.

…in my husband as our love continues to grow, as we realize we have been taking each other for granted, and are thankful for the opportunity to cherish one another anew.

…in our families, for the trials and tribulations they bring, for the sometimes messy and loud, occasional off-notes they sound, for without the dark clouds and high and splashing waves, I would not appreciate the smooth sailing and the sun glittering off the topaz blue waters.

…in my life, for the ups and downs, the foolishness I have done, the wrong turns I have made, the words I’ve said that I wish I never had, for if I had never experienced the “what in the world was I thinking?” behavior, I could not appreciate the growth and distance I have attained.

Wonderful, magical, often obscured by the dust and dirt of everyday life, sparkling delight.

It’s there. Just some days you really have to look harder than others. :-)


While I was writing my post, I was reminded about how blessed we are when we delight in both the wonderful and the difficult in our lives. To that end, once I was done writing, I grabbed the Blessed video, by Martina McBride, to share with you.

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Image credit-Paolo Marconi

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  1. I admire the strong character of those who find delight in difficult times, in the trials and tribulations, and in the sometimes messy. What a beautiful tribute to a loved family and blessed life. And above all… what ADORABLE photos. :) I enjoyed visiting ‘too darn happy’ today.

  2. Thanks for coming by Stacy, and glad you enjoyed your visit. I loved that photo as well, and admire the photographer. I thought he did a great job capturing “delight”!

    While I do find delight in difficult times, often it isn’t until I am through the storm and looking back that I realize why I am or need to be grateful for the problems…

  3. Beautiful video, I share the sentiment! I love the words you use to describe delight, it was like putting a feeling to music! Aren’t we blessed women to have so much to delight in!

  4. We are blessed indeed. You only have to take a whirl around the internet, or just around the five minute friday links to find so much to be grateful for!

  5. Music to the ears, refreshment for the soul! Thank you, Kim!

    Yes, may we in all things take wondrous delight –
    in ease and in trial, through day and through night!
    Bountiful blessings await those who delight in all things –
    within their hearts the Living Water of joy ever springs!

    Grateful to you, Kim, for this delightful expression of encouragement! :)

  6. Indeed the dust of daily life does tend to obscure our view of the delight that is tucked within each day. Beautiful.

  7. Hi Chastity and welcome to my sometimes dusty or unkempt online home, and all the delight that lies herein. Thanks for coming by!

  8. Yes — it’s in the willingness to look. What a great, great reminder. I need to do this right now, in this moment with my own too little ones. Amen.

  9. Ahh, yes, Jen. I would often forget to look beyond my busyness to the delight of the toddler who only wanted to spend time with mommy…
    Make sure to give your cutie pies big hugs and lots of attention!

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