Family Dynamics: Surviving young adult children who move back home

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Do you have a Bambocionni, YUCKI, or a Boomerang under your roof?

If you have a young adult child who has moved back home, whether an Italian Big Baby, a U.K. Young Unwittingly Costly Kid, or an American Boomerang, you do.

Christina Newberry is founder of the blog The Hands-on Guide to Surviving Adult Children Living at Home and author of the book that shares the same name. She has tapped into the real need for financial and relational information for parents who have entered this largely unknown and unmapped territory of young adult children who have returned to the nest.

A new study shows that more young adults are living at home — 52.8% of 18 to 24-year-olds. So, above all else, know that if you have adult children living at home, you are not alone — not anywhere near alone! Half of your friends probably have their adult kids living at home, too.

Well, I suppose if there is any good news, it is that we are not alone. I don’t know about you, but I don’t find that particularly comforting, any more than knowing that a considerable number of these households also still include children under 18 years old.

Now that can be a big, happy mix . . .

The hard facts are that fireworks become a hazard for the family while they each adjust to the newly returning member, whether over having to share chores, bedrooms and bathrooms, and/or mom and dad’s time and money.

As parents, we have a few options. We can say yes with no limits, yes with some ground rules, or we can just say no.

Right. Like most of us would say no to our kids and just tell them to go live on the street.

I just threw that last one in to see if you were paying attention.

I recommend that if you have young adults who may be boomeranging back home or are already there to check out Ms. Newberry’s site for lots of ideas and resources.

I also encourage you to read my two previous posts on the cost of enabling your young adult children, and how to transform that dysfunctional relationship into a healthy one. There is hope. Trust me. Been there. Done that.

Even if your children are younger-especially if they are younger-read through, and use the stories as cautionary tales to remind you to raise financially savvy stewards.

The BIG conversation you’ve been avoiding about money with your boomerang, and a success story

A Boomerang responds…

I also recommend watching the following videos.

First up is a trailer for Generation Boomerang, a new Canadian show. While the comedian is amusing-“I’m a stay at home son”-his message and lifestyle are great food for thought for parents.

Next is a video from a story done by 9 News Now. It features a young man who is 27, employed, and well, doesn’t really seem to have a desire or a plan to move forward or out.


I shall call him Mr. Seriously in Denial, Head Fully in the Sand While Being Totally Enabled.

Ms. Newberry finishes up in her short video, “Dealing with adult children moving home after college”, offering some concrete ideas to deal with that particular situation.

Enjoy,  learn and show your children you love them by helping them grow into responsible human beings.




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