Final Day of the 7 Day Stamina Challenge

310/366: dinner for two

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I must admit to being elated when I saw the challenge for Day 7: Eating! Hooray! I love eating. Yes, I know I needed to be the cook, but that was fine.

But I get to talk, too. To At With my dear hubbie.

Connecting with Keith, over dinner. A wonderful end to the challenge.

Connect – Plan and cook dinner for someone you love. When you sit down, don’t talk about yourself, the kids, or the latest neighborhood news; ask this person about her or his life. Be genuinely interested and let your interest serve as a guide for the conversation.

This was a pretty simple order, especially since we no longer have children at home. The conversation can take its natural turn towards adult topics as we share an easy give and take, interspersed with comfortable moments of silence, as opposed to constant interruptions.

From the young ones, God bless them, who just need to share.


The good, the bad, the ugly and everything in between.

Right. This. Minute.

We experienced a delightful dinner and conversation, which was wonderfully relaxing.

For those of you with young ones still at home, I highly recommend swapping babysitting with a friend so that you can just enjoy each others company at home some night and keeping the focus where it needs to be.

Just ignore the house and the toys and the laundry and pay attention to each other.

I can hear your hysterical laughter all the way over here.

So, if that’s too tall an order, then put together a picnic lunch instead, and find a quiet place somewhere other than your home to unwind, as you share some peace and quiet, chit-chat and your casual fare.

I recommend this because the evening was all about focusing on the important, not the urgent, and that we are not always good about that.

Sometimes, ladies, we just have to be gently reminded that we married the swept-us-off-our-feet, took-our-breath-away, love-of-our-lives, and he is as deserving of our devotion now, even more, perhaps, than the day we said “I do!”.

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  1. What a beautiful conclusion, Kim, to the challenge!

    How refreshing to enjoy in-the-moment conversation – and home-cooked cuisine – with someone we love. Yes, it’s revitalizing to focus not on the urgent…but on the important.

    Thank you so much for sharing your seven-day journey – bears and all! – with us, Kim!

  2. You are welcome, Caroline. Thanks for your kind words, and for stopping by. And not bringing along any bears…

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