52 Blessings-Week 1

This first entry is actually a very difficult choice, because when I sit and start to list my blessings, I am absolutely overwhelmed by all that is good in my life. That is not to say that I am not challenged. Oh, no. Far from it. I guess, thinking in that vein, especially about my recent brush with less than stellar health brings me to my first blessing.

What started about a couple of months ago with an atypical result from a yearly exam, culminated this week with day surgery, mostly/hopefully just a) to be sure there is really nothing to be concerned about, or b), as a preventative measure against cancer.

I am truly blessed to have access to excellent health care, which includes every person who has read my tests, scheduled my visits, worked with me and on me, and all those folks who are involved in my care in a more indirect way. I say “thank you” to all of you from the bottom of my heart!

OK. I know I am supposed to just list one blessing. But this week, especially in light of my brief stay at the hospital, I must add a little more.

Anesthesia and the “relax and be happy” stuff they inject into your IV before heading to the operating room.

Wow. Really good stuff.

The support of family, friends and my workplace, the prayers on my behalf, the calls and the emails, and the off-beat humor that is never off limits with my siblings. Thank you, thank you for all of it.

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  1. Hey Kim… Grateful! I'm grateful there are people like you reminding us that we have soooo much to be grateful for! Thank you!

  2. Aunt Kim, I am glad you're writing again! Your posts are always uplifting, even when bearing bleak news. I love your 52 blessings idea, I look forward to reading yours and writing mine in a notebook here at home. I hope all went well with your surgery. I miss you!!


  3. Wow, Kim–
    I had no idea that you had this scare, and am SO very grateful to hear that you are ok!


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