God-Sized Dreams

  Another New Year has arrived! To paraphrase the Grinch: Let’s blow our flu-flubers and bang our tar-tinkers! Let’s shriek, squeak and squeal, racing round on our wheels and dance with jin-tinglers tied onto our heels! Uh huh. Is that what you are thinking, or are you hiding under the bed with your pet dust […]

Five Minute Friday-Roar

The knock comes again, at my front door, this time more firm and determined. I’ve been down these stairs before. I think that every time it will be different. That my inner optimistic child, who hears the pounding of our answered prayers, will grab my hand and I will run joyfully right alongside her, to […]

Sailing away from the Island of Settle

Sailing away © K. Hall   As captains of our crafts, we have questioned our purpose, and have been curious about our destination. We have wondered-or hoped-that someone or something else was in charge, and that they would provide the direction. All we had to do was sit. And wait. Ultimately, though, whether or not […]

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