The intersection of frugality, time management, fear and curiosity

I recently needed a memory card for my camera, so I did a little research about what was available and then checked on a store’s website to find that it was going to be just under $20. I could even order it online and have it shipped to the store for no additional charge. Since […]

A Boomerang responds…

I wrote a post last week about a young adult who had moved back home-a boomerang-and how the mom found a successful resolution to the situation when it became a problem. If you have not read it, I highly recommend reading it for background.¬†You can read it here. I was chatting with our youngest about […]

The BIG conversation you’ve been avoiding about money with your boomerang, and a success story

You are a parent, possibly with younger kids still at home, and one day, you get that dreaded call from one of your 20-something adult children, whether they have been out in the workplace or are nearing the end of their college years: “Mom, I can’t afford to live on my own. I need to […]

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