Where, oh where have my blessings gone?

Are you or your family suffering from cabin fever, feeling a bit crabby, or just finding it really hard to see the beauty-the blessings-amidst a difficult season? I have some suggestions for you to help bring the fresh and invigorating air of hope and possibility back into your home.   Look for the good.   […]

Five minute Friday: Beauty

  Every Friday I join Lisa-Jo over at The Gypsy Mama for a quick, no edit writing topic, and we each watch, often in surprise, at what appears beneath our tapping fingers in the short span of five minutes. This week she pulls together what has been on her heart of late and turns it […]

Looking for the Good

How practiced are you at looking for the good in your day? For the most part, I am blessed with the ability to always look for the good in everything. I am the one ready to find even a small slice of blue sky to brighten my day. Of course, it is never enough for […]

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