Saturday Sips: Encourage the dreamers

    I recently wrote about giving your children the freedom to dream and shared an interview I had done with a young man who wished to become a Navy SEAL. Being a parent of any child is difficult, especially when they choose a goal that is challenging, takes a great deal of courage, and […]

Saturday Sips: Smile for the camera!

It’s summertime, which means family gatherings, fun in the sun, and lots and lots of pictures. What’s that? You’re bad in back of the camera snapping the shutter, and you look awful in front of the camera? Fear not! I have practical tips and insight for you today, of course, that will help you capture […]

Saturday Sips: Walking uphill to school both ways

  I recently wrote about hardship being the gift that keeps on giving. One of my lovely readers called it a “most EXCELLENT article”. Thanks, Nan! If you missed it, be sure to go back and read it because the following links are related to that post.   I’ll bet when you were younger and […]

Saturday Sips: Courage, clarity, and change, oh my!

    Tis the exciting season of graduation, and you know that means: Cake! Oops, I mean commencement addresses. Oh, I am so sorry for that let down, but I do have good news for you. Not only have there been some terrific speakers around the country this year, but they offer inspiring, joyful, and […]

Saturday Sips: Sending Joy via Postagram

  Hang on to your hats, friends: I finally moved up from my five year old flip phone to an iPhone. Yippeee! As one of my brothers said, “Welcome to 2005!” ūüėČ   I have already begun to populate my phone with different apps: Wunderground (weather), Camera+ (improved photography capabilities), Candy Crush *she admits with […]

Saturday Sips: How to clean summertime fun hands

Winter is in the rear view mirror, and spring and summertime activities have begun to whisper their beguiling invitations to you. Let’s go camping again. Remember those crackling wood campfires, toasting those yummy marshmallows, and sleeping under the stars? Time to gather the fishing gear. Being on the water is so restful and peaceful! Get […]

Saturday Sips: 2 Must-Have DIY Refinishing Products

  Since I wrote this past week about finding¬†Free¬†and¬†Nearly Free Treasures,¬†I thought I’d share two must-have DIY refinishing products. Refinishing is fun, frugal, and rewarding, especially if you are referring to taking a piece of furniture with lots of¬†surface ugly¬†and revealing the gem below. First, though, you’ve got to be open to seeing the beauty […]

Saturday Sips: Take your marriage from good to great!

Here are some helpful resources to take your marriage from good to great!

Saturday Sips: Your Personal Master Gardener, FREE!

  Are you weary of winter? Do you enjoy fresh vegetables? Then as your Personal Sherpa of Joy, I have a suggestion. I invite you to think about warmer weather and planting a garden. Those of you who are discouraged members of the¬†Black Thumb Club¬†like me, take heart. Your own Personal Master Gardener is available,¬†for […]

Saturday Sips: To fight or not to fight

  To fight or not to fight, that is the question.   Shakespeare fans, pardon my rewriting of Hamlet’s famous soliloquy, but it is so appropriate to relationships. Each day you have multiple interactions with people, places, things, and ideas. Many of those will be unremarkable and forgettable. Others, however, will test your patience: a […]

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