Technology that connects-an update

I wrote a short while ago on the technology that connects us, especially in regards to iPads and autistic children. While the following video centers on the use of a computer rather than an iPad, the story remains the same: The amazing, miraculous ability of technology to connect us, regardless of who or where we […]

Web Roundup-Nifty technolgy that connects us

We have rolled right into thick of the Christmas season, with Black Friday and Cyber Monday already long gone from the rear view mirror, eggnog and gingerbread calling our name, and visions of having all our tasks completed early dancing in our heads. You may have your shopping all done and wrapped. If so, I […]

Help, help! My thoughts are getting away…

┬áMy thoughts have gone downriver again, unencumbered by any sort of tether. You see, sometimes when I am just beginning to wake up, and am in that space between deep sleep and full consciousness, my thoughts take shape lazily-as though they are just outside of myself-and form much like an eddy in a stream. I […]

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