Great expectations create happier marriages

great expectations create happier marriages


If you have hung around here for any length of time, you know I am an optimist.

Yes, I struggle with being discouraged, annoyed, and even angry sometimes when things aren’t working out as I had expected.

However, I remain overall, a believer in expecting the best.

You could say that in my world, my sky is bluer and my grass is greener. :-)


I have no doubt that great expectations create happier marriages, and I believe they are one of the secrets behind the long and happy union I share with my hubby.

Not a perfect union, mind you, but one full of gratitude and joy.


We represent just one side of the expectation coin, however, as thereĀ tends to be two opposing schools of thought on having great expectations.

I am sharing about the impact of expectations on your marriage over at Happy Wives Club, and I invite you to come on over and see how to put great expectations to work in yours:

Want a Happier Marriage? Research Says Do This, Not That

See you there!

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