Beyond yard sales: How to find Free and Nearly Free treasures!

  Ah, spring. That season when the heart quickens and thoughts turn to┬álove yard sales! Yes, my dear frugal friends, you know what I am talking about. Your family recognizes that starry eyed look of longing as you imagine the bargains awaiting your rescue. Well, that and the sudden u-turns worthy of a stunt driver […]

10 Lessons in happiness from a yard sale

Have you ever thought that your idea of happiness would be to spend a week’s vacation preparing for and holding a yard sale? That you would be just beside yourself with delight at digging through boxes that hold years of foolish purchases, projects you were going to do, and clothes you bought and never wore? […]

Revealing treasure-a family friendly product for refinishing furniture

If you have been hanging out here for a while, you know that I regularly mix family, friendships and frugality for lots of fun. I am a fan of being on the same page as your spouse financially, getting the most for your money, and getting or staying out of debt. Today we are talking […]

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