Gratitude for body slams, injured knees and crutches

Have you ever taken time for some rest and relaxation and had it go terribly awry? Like many of you, we took some time this weekend to unwind and ended up spending it very differently than we had originally planned. As a start to the weekend, my hubby and I entered our first 5K. While […]

Praying in the midst of a storm

  Have you ever had a friend or relative suggest prayer-gasp!-as a means of helping you find your way out of the depths of a personal storm? Uh huh. I’m sure you practically bit your tongue off so you didn’t drive them out of your life forever welcomed that suggestion with open arms. Prayer? Really? […]

Three steps to discovering and encouraging your child’s strengths and talents

    Do you encourage your child’s strengths or concentrate on their weaknesses? I have a confession to make. I was a mom who concentrated on the weaknesses. I may have commented on the A’s, but my eye would go right to the other grades, and ask “What happened here? What can you do to […]

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