Five Minute Friday-Delight

  Delight, oh my! Colorful, bubbly, tinkling, shimmering, bright and shiny. Delight… …in my children as they grow and even as they challenge me, for without the difficult times I would not appreciate the absolute wonderfulness of who they are. …in my husband as our love continues to grow, as we realize we have been […]

Five Minute Friday-Trust

Write. Ding. Toss Write. Ding. Toss. Arggghh. I just have to trust that the words will come one of these times., that they will take shape on the page. I only have five minutes? I guess it’s a lot like parenting. I knew it would be hard, but, well, I knew my hubbie and I […]

Five Minute Friday-Real

We sit in a circle. Waiting. Watching. Worrying. Wondering how real we can be. Wondering how real others will be. As facilitator of the group, I jump in to break the ice. They’ve heard some of our story, how my husband and I have done a lifetime of stupid. Of how we ran arm in […]

Five Minute Friday-Vivid

  Gray. Washed out. Worn out. Just plain tired. Do you feel as a mom sometimes that you just don’t have what it takes anymore? That between the job, the kids, the finances, the stress, that you have been stripped of your joyful, colorful self? I felt that way last year. You know what I […]

Five Minute Friday-Connected

Sharing: “Here, this was useful to me, and helped me cope.” Encouraging: “Wow, did I mess up. Learn from my mistake, so you don’t have to go down this same painful road.” Asking: “Help me, please. I can’t find my way.” Across the miles, through the countryside, into the cities and over the oceans, we […]

Five Minute Friday-Tired

Whew. Some days my load is so heavy that I have all I can do to keep from going over backwards. I feel like the little dog in The Grinch Who Stole Christmas as he works mightily to pull all those stolen gifts up that steep mountain. However, it is no load of gifts that […]

Five Minute Friday-Grow

It started with a gentle tug, a quiet whisper. Kim, my love, it’s time. Take my hand, it’s time to move into the plans I have made for you. Thanks, I say, but I can’t really go there, because, well, I’m afraid. I know I’ve told you time and again how unfulfilled I am, how […]

Five Minute Friday-Unexpected

I’m good. I’m fine. No, thanks. I got it. I am independent, proud and a go getter who likes to do things on her own. I don’t need any help. Oomph. {Stumbles, falls to ground} What was that? A bump in the road, a marriage that needs more than you think you can give, a […]

Five Minute Friday-Remember

Remember it’s not about the falling down. It’s about what we do when we’re done bouncing on the concrete. It’s about apologizing and moving forward when we lose patience with our children. It’s about finding joy when the days have been dark. It’s about giving thanks for the difficult experiences that grow us. It’s about […]

Five minute Friday: Beyond

  Once I get beyond the just too cute flowered onesies and the dirty diapers… Once I get beyond the bubble gum pink elastic waist pants and the toddler tantrums… Once I get beyond the exasperated “Mom, everyone is wearing these” too snug jeans and the peeved protests… Once I get beyond seeing my lovely […]

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