Three ways to become a happier Yes! mom

Did you read the post on Three steps to discovering and encouraging your child’s strengths and talents? Were you all in until you got to the part about gathering materials and creating space? Did your inner fear goblin grab your silly little “yes self” and shout, “You FOOL! Don’t you know where this will lead?”, […]

Standing against the hurricane-making choices that work

    Having raised two lovely daughters to adulthood, worked side by side with my family for over seventeen years and my husband and parents for another five, I have discovered there are a lot of similarities between being an effective parent and a productive business person. They both require dealing with all kinds of […]

Five minute Friday: Catch

 We are frail beings and are so susceptible to the winds of keeping up that blow through our neighborhoods. We catch a case of the I deserve this, and call our friends to go out  for some serious retail therapy. We catch a case of the What will everyone think if our kids aren’t in […]

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