Making room for white space

    Do you make room for white space in your life? This graphic design term is a great metaphor for how we choose to live. To quote graphic designer/publisher Fred Showker of DT&G: White space is important because it refines a design and gives the other elements, image and type, room to exist. Did […]

Stop and smell the roses and sweet baby’s breath

    Have you gone from stretching out in the hammock to being stretched tighter than a rubber band? Transitioning from one season to another can have that effect, whether you are moving cross country, becoming a parent, or getting the kids ready for another school year. We want to hang on to that¬†bright and […]

A bridge too far and a bar too high

Giving is something you love to do. You give of your time, your money, and yourself. This is a wonderful thing, as you love to bring joy to those you care about. Whether you realize it or not, every time you give, you set the bar and pay a price. This may go exactly as […]

Overwhelmed? 6 Steps to more peace-of-mind

The race is on again for a new week, and you and your mind are running at top speed, full out, and it’s not even 9:00am on Monday morning. Hubbie. House. Job. Laundry. Clean clothes. Ironed clothes. ¬†Lunches. Kids. Backpacks. Missing homework. Missing sports equipment. Get in the car. Let’s GO. We’re going to be […]

Wild Web Roundup

Hello, hello, and welcome to our occasional taming of the web, where we capture stories in the great wilderness and bring them here for your perusal and enjoyment. ********************   First in the center ring today is from Gabriele at Radical Parenting. She writes about those recent, puzzling teen trends of planking, owling and batting. […]

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