10 Lessons in happiness from a yard sale

Have you ever thought that your idea of happiness would be to spend a week’s vacation preparing for and holding a yard sale? That you would be just beside yourself with delight at digging through boxes that hold years of foolish purchases, projects you were going to do, and clothes you bought and never wore? […]

Moms-Take 5 more!

I rounded up five encouraging posts for you earlier this week, and I have five more for you here, just in case you’ve started to climb back up that hill towards Panic Peak. Not that I’ve ever done that… Read on, and enjoy and embrace the gift of love, hope and encouragement I humbly offer […]

Five Minute Friday-Tired

Whew. Some days my load is so heavy that I have all I can do to keep from going over backwards. I feel like the little dog in The Grinch Who Stole Christmas as he works mightily to pull all those stolen gifts up that steep mountain. However, it is no load of gifts that […]

Three steps to discovering and encouraging your child’s strengths and talents

    Do you encourage your child’s strengths or concentrate on their weaknesses? I have a confession to make. I was a mom who concentrated on the weaknesses. I may have commented on the A’s, but my eye would go right to the other grades, and ask “What happened here? What can you do to […]

Summer is leaving…Was it something I said?

Fall has officially drifted into New England. *Sigh* Millions of visitors make the worthwhile journey here to see our brilliant and bejewelled autumnal landscape. I know it’s beautiful. But I. Like. Summer. {She stamps foot like toddler} I want my bright and lemonadey, slow and swingy, kayak and paddley season back, and I am going […]

Five minute Friday: Rest

Every Friday I join Lisa-Jo over at The Gypsy Mama for her Five Minute Friday ¬†thoughts. It’s an opportunity for each of us to throw caution, grammar and spell check to the wind as we whip through a quick five minutes of a topic, just straight from the heart to the head to the keyboard […]

More on letting go: I hope you dance

A couple of years ago I wrote about that moment of letting go, as your child seems to march directly from Pomp and Circumstance at their high school graduation to the future awaiting them through the open door of college. You wonder where the years went, as you think about that little five year old […]

Beets that go Boom

  I was making dinner the other night, and tossed sliced beets into the microwave for a reheat. I went into the office to quickly check my email and heard a low and quick “BOOM!”, followed immediately by popping type sounds, and then another “BOOM!”. I ran back into the kitchen, stopped the microwave, and […]

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