Saturday Sips: Sending Joy via Postagram

  Hang on to your hats, friends: I finally moved up from my five year old flip phone to an iPhone. Yippeee! As one of my brothers said, “Welcome to 2005!” 😉   I have already begun to populate my phone with different apps: Wunderground (weather), Camera+ (improved photography capabilities), Candy Crush *she admits with […]

Discovering Joy: It’s up to you, but not about you, Pt 2

Welcome to the second half of Discovering Joy. If you missed the first, you can read it here. I wrote previously: I learned that really getting the most out of Allume (a recent blogging conference I attended), or any other gathering in life, really learning to discover joy right where we are, is that it is up to us, but […]

The BEAGLE Theory of Life

  Life’s lessons come to us in some unusual ways, but more often than not through rubbing up against those hard and unyielding sharp edges of the world. Such is the case with the B.E.A.G.L.E. Theory of Life. There was a pistol of a young man—Charlie Marston—who attended high school with my daughter. He had […]

Finding gratitude amidst the storm

Gratitude can be a funny thing.   We let it roll glibly off our tongues when life is good: I am so very grateful for this brand new car, my beautiful home, the college graduation/wedding celebration/baby shower with the abundance of amazing gifts. Those are the easy ones because we are happy at our good […]

Five Minute Friday-Ache

 The ache of motherhood. It’s like being at a banquet and eating the best dessert ever topped with bits of jalepanos and drops of vinegar. Sweet. And oh so very snappy. And also sometimes unpleasantly sour. Bites of deliciously delightful love, that somehow are layered with occasional tastes of hot anger, and sometimes, too, a […]

Too Darn Happy Christmas videos

Normally I do not post on Saturdays, but these videos were just too good to keep to myself. If you are not familiar with Gimundo, a website that bills itself as serving good news daily, you need to put them on your regular reading schedule. They have a round up of 6 Clever, Fun, and […]

Moms-Ask for help!

There is something very ironic about this morning as I write this post while simultaneously printing out a twenty-five day project list for being organized throughout the Christmas season. Oh, and did I say that my gifts aren’t wrapped, I have come down with a cold, family has started to arrive for the holiday (hooray!), […]

Moms-Take 5 more!

I rounded up five encouraging posts for you earlier this week, and I have five more for you here, just in case you’ve started to climb back up that hill towards Panic Peak. Not that I’ve ever done that… Read on, and enjoy and embrace the gift of love, hope and encouragement I humbly offer […]

A Random Too Darn Happy Moment on Rejection

  Welcome, welcome to my random “Too Darn Happy moments” — posts that exist solely for the joy and entertainment they provide. Come on in for just a few minutes, immerse yourself in the happiness, and then return to your day refreshed.   Today’s moment is one you have very possibly seen on YouTube, but […]

Random Too Darn Happy Moments

Ed. Note: I am so sorry to say that this video has been pulled. The Wake County SPCA  is working with the music publisher to see if they can make it public again. You can see the story here: Abba-cadabra: Wake SPCA Video Disappears   This adorable music video from the Wake County SPCA came […]

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