Saturday Sips: Gratitude, the ultimate life sweetener

  It’s the day after Valentine’s Day, and some of you may be feeling let down, left out, or just weary of the endless parade of advertisements. Therefore, I decree it’s the perfect time for big, sweet, dollops of gratitude for our Saturday Sip of insight.   1.  First up is my latest post at Happy […]

Stop and smell the roses and sweet baby’s breath

    Have you gone from stretching out in the hammock to being stretched tighter than a rubber band? Transitioning from one season to another can have that effect, whether you are moving cross country, becoming a parent, or getting the kids ready for another school year. We want to hang on to that bright and […]

The BEAGLE Theory of Life

  Life’s lessons come to us in some unusual ways, but more often than not through rubbing up against those hard and unyielding sharp edges of the world. Such is the case with the B.E.A.G.L.E. Theory of Life. There was a pistol of a young man—Charlie Marston—who attended high school with my daughter. He had […]

Through grateful eyes: a fresh perspective

As a parent, you have probably experienced close calls and feelings of helplessness with your children. Your toddler disappears from the backyard. The police call to say that your teens have been in a car accident. Your daughter phones from across the ocean, sobbing about how a sadistic old woman—her host mother for her junior […]

Gratitude for body slams, injured knees and crutches

Have you ever taken time for some rest and relaxation and had it go terribly awry? Like many of you, we took some time this weekend to unwind and ended up spending it very differently than we had originally planned. As a start to the weekend, my hubby and I entered our first 5K. While […]

Let go and allow them to grow

  Your eyes glisten with tears as you grab for yet another tissue. You promised yourself and your family you wouldn’t cry, that you’d maintain your composure. After all, this is that moment when the baby you have cared for with such tenderness spreads their wings and begin to move forward into the wild, blue […]

Finding gratitude amidst the storm

Gratitude can be a funny thing.   We let it roll glibly off our tongues when life is good: I am so very grateful for this brand new car, my beautiful home, the college graduation/wedding celebration/baby shower with the abundance of amazing gifts. Those are the easy ones because we are happy at our good […]

Five Minute Friday-Grit

Ahh, the feel of the warm sand at the beach as you curl your toes and gather up its gritty wonderfulness. The joy of watching your little one toddle around with glee, her round bottom plopping down as she bends to discover another treasure, her chubby fingers grabbing a small handful of the seashore and […]

Where, oh where have my blessings gone?

Are you or your family suffering from cabin fever, feeling a bit crabby, or just finding it really hard to see the beauty-the blessings-amidst a difficult season? I have some suggestions for you to help bring the fresh and invigorating air of hope and possibility back into your home.   Look for the good.   […]

Too Darn Happy Moment on Giving

Are you feeling a little-just not in the spirit-this Christmas? Maybe tired? Worn out? Just not feeling the joy? Might I suggest a cure by sprinkling some generosity into the lives of others? One. Small. Act. That’s all. They don’t even have to know, if that’s your preference. Pull a name from a giving tree […]

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