The gift that fits for Father’s Day

Father’s Day is right around the corner, so show you care: buy, buy, buy! The bigger and more expensive the gift, the better you look. Oops, I mean the more appreciative the recipient will be. I don’t know about you, but I grow so weary of the messages about spending a lot and buying big […]

When little is big

It’s a conundrum, really. How can something little actually be bigger than it initially appears? Well, consider this: Have you ever helped a friend with something simple, perhaps picking up something at the grocery store, and they gushed with appreciation? Have you ever given a small gift that the recipient treasured more than it’s actual […]

A storied legacy of caring hearts and loving hands

From generation to generation, we create, we cradle, we support our families and friends, showing our love in tangible and intangible ways. We lay foundations of trust and build shelters from the storms. We share joy through giving of ourselves, of our time and our talents. We teach love by our words and our actions, […]

Too Darn Happy Moment on Giving

Are you feeling a little-just not in the spirit-this Christmas? Maybe tired? Worn out? Just not feeling the joy? Might I suggest a cure by sprinkling some generosity into the lives of others? One. Small. Act. That’s all. They don’t even have to know, if that’s your preference. Pull a name from a giving tree […]

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