10 Lessons from being wrecked

  “Just a broken foot and two cracked ribs? That’s it?”   I can remember quizzing the ER doctor following his diagnosis and instructions and feeling pretty darn lucky. Well, foolish, too, because if I hadn’t applied that imaginary brake in the front passenger seat when that driver crashed into us head on, I would […]

A family only a mother can love

When we get together with our families for holiday dinners, we may wish for a gathering worthy of a Norman Rockwell portrait. The reality is, however, that we are all blemished and broken, sometimes thorny and troublesome people, and yet still, somehow, generally speaking, are eminently and uniquely lovable. That being said, we often spend […]

Offering ourselves grace

You know the drill. You line the kids up before they sit down at the table, and ask to check their hands to see if they are actually clean. A reasonable request, don’t you think? What if God lined us up at the end of the day, and asked to inspect our hearts, especially in […]

Giving thanks and putting on the love

On this Thanksgiving day, I am so grateful for the abundance of joy in my life, for my family, my friends and my faith. I give thanks for all of my blessings, large and small, those that bring me smiles and laughter, and especially those that are disguised as challenges and grow me into a […]

Five Minute Friday-Remember

Remember it’s not about the falling down. It’s about what we do when we’re done bouncing on the concrete. It’s about apologizing and moving forward when we lose patience with our children. It’s about finding joy when the days have been dark. It’s about giving thanks for the difficult experiences that grow us. It’s about […]

Losing our way and finding our audience of One

The love of the Lord, my Lord, washes over me as I sit here in the congregation with the light of the early morning softly illuminating the sanctuary while I listen to the worship team practice their songs for the service. I am, in a very small way, their audience of one. And yet, they […]

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