Bear-ly fearless

 Fear. We talk about it quite a bit, don’t we, my friends? We can be afraid of so much, and yet when we face it head on, we find it is often just smoke and mirrors, an itty-bitty Chihuahua whose bark is artificially amplified from behind the curtain. Today I am sharing a story I wrote […]

Dear Chihuahua of Fear

photo:   Dear Chihuahua of Fear, I have some things I’d like to say to you. You showed up on my doorstep unannounced and uninvited a long, long time ago, and I took you in. How could I not, with those adorable eyes and cute perky ears? You had a puppy’s firecracker enthusiasm, but […]

God-Sized Dreams

  Another New Year has arrived! To paraphrase the Grinch: Let’s blow our flu-flubers and bang our tar-tinkers! Let’s shriek, squeak and squeal, racing round on our wheels and dance with jin-tinglers tied onto our heels! Uh huh. Is that what you are thinking, or are you hiding under the bed with your pet dust […]

Five Minute Friday-Roar

The knock comes again, at my front door, this time more firm and determined. I’ve been down these stairs before. I think that every time it will be different. That my inner optimistic child, who hears the pounding of our answered prayers, will grab my hand and I will run joyfully right alongside her, to […]

The Weekly Wild Web Roundup

Welcome to the first post of an occasional feature I am introducing: The Weekly Wild Web Roundup, through which I share some of the great reads I find. My desire is to provide inspiration, hope, encouragement, how-to, or just plain old good-for-the-soul laughter from the information I highlight. ******************** Kara Chupp, of The Chuppies, wrote […]

7 Day Stamina Challenge: Baring your soul on Day 6

Here we go again, on the roller coaster of growth and change: This isn’t bad. Ok, it’s a little disconcerting. Oh. My. Gosh. I’M GOING TO DIE!!! Whew! Guess not. Let’s do it again! Chug, chug, chug…Where are we? Oh, yes, Day 6: Go public – Tell at least two people about your big, hairy, […]

Doing different, Stamina Challenge Day 4, and time to tell my story

I must admit to being completely stumped when I read today’s challenge: Break your routine – Drive a new way to work. Stop at a different place for coffee. Lock your cell phone in your trunk as you drive. Listen to a different station the whole way in; don’t change the channel during a commercial […]

Stamina Challenge Day 3: How not to rev up your morning walk

  Welcome to Day 3 of the 7 Day Stamina Challenge! For any new readers let me bring you up to speed: We are arising a half hour earlier than our normal time (that’s 4am for me!), writing in our journal, and today, we are enjoying God’s countryside in all its morning glory for a […]

So long status quo

I’ve written lately about being dissatisfied with how I was leading my life, about feeling like the wheels on my bus were going ka-thunk, ka-thunk, ka-thunk, thinking about unopened gifts that might be in the closet, and recognizing that each of us wants to live a life that matters. Do you have that niggling feeling […]

Five minute Friday-Deep breath…

    Every Friday The Gypsy Mama gives a prompt and you are supposed to write about it in 5 minutes.  Only 5 minutes!  Also, no edits!  Just write.  So here goes . . .  Deep Breath… I take a deep breath, knowing I draw in patience at the same time. Patience to deal with […]

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