Laying the groundwork for a stronger family

Making the decision to move 1,000 miles away from the deep roots you’ve put down over the course of your life is not an easy one. I speak from experience, as it took my husband and I years to finally decide to move from the cold northeast to the mild climate of Tennessee. Now that […]

Five Minute Friday-Delight

  Delight, oh my! Colorful, bubbly, tinkling, shimmering, bright and shiny. Delight… …in my children as they grow and even as they challenge me, for without the difficult times I would not appreciate the absolute wonderfulness of who they are. …in my husband as our love continues to grow, as we realize we have been […]

Innkeeper secrets revealed! – Wrap up

Welcome to the final installment of my series, in which I wrap up more of my hard won wisdom in learning how to be more efficient, well-prepared and welcoming for guests. All of this information is transferable to your home kitchen, and hopefully will give you more time to relax and enjoy your friends and […]

Innkeeper secrets revealed! – An introduction

You might be asking yourself why, on a blog dedicated to helping moms build stronger and more satisfying relationships, is Miss Too Darn Happy going to be revealing innkeeping secrets? Glad you asked. Traveling down memory lane recently about a previous life, in which I helped my parents and hubbie to run a large very […]

What happens when you encourage a daughter?

  What does happen when you encourage a daughter to search for her strengths and to move forward in that direction? Some pretty incredible stuff. In learning so much this past year about what makes me tick-wheels going ka-thunk, wanting to live a life that matters, telling my story-I realized that there was so much […]

Standing against the hurricane-making choices that work

    Having raised two lovely daughters to adulthood, worked side by side with my family for over seventeen years and my husband and parents for another five, I have discovered there are a lot of similarities between being an effective parent and a productive business person. They both require dealing with all kinds of […]

Need a morale boost? Volunteer!

I’ve previously encouraged folks to step out and volunteer as a means of not only helping others but also of helping ourselves, and you can read about it here, here and here. We have an intrinsic need to reach out, to help, to serve, to better the lives of those around us, in a way […]

Family Traditions-Small is the new big

One of the best kept secrets, unfortunately, is that very often the opportunities to develop the most treasured traditions are those we may overlook, as we view them solely as run-of-the-mill, smaller, inexpensive, less memorable moments. Often times, instead, I think we all lean towards the “bigger is better” theory of life, and apply that […]

7 Day Stamina Challenge: Baring your soul on Day 6

Here we go again, on the roller coaster of growth and change: This isn’t bad. Ok, it’s a little disconcerting. Oh. My. Gosh. I’M GOING TO DIE!!! Whew! Guess not. Let’s do it again! Chug, chug, chug…Where are we? Oh, yes, Day 6: Go public – Tell at least two people about your big, hairy, […]

Five Minute Friday: Home

Every week I join Gypsy Mama and lots of other ladies for just five minutes of fun. She writes: This is the time of the week when we steal those five minutes while the kids are fingerpainting the dining room table, the neighbor’s dog has stopped barking, or the microwave is popping some corn to splash […]

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