Being the Johnny Appleseed of Encouragement

When you encourage others, you are sowing for the future just as Johnny Appleseed did. Do you remember the legend? This folk hero wandered the west planting thousands and thousands of apple seeds. He knew some would take root and others would not, but that didn’t sway him from his purpose. Being an encourager is […]

You are a Writer

  “Kim, could I see you before you go, please?” my teacher requested, as I was packing up my books along with the rest of the class.   We were just a few weeks into¬†Critical Thinking, a required inaugural course. I was dipping my toes back into the beloved waters of learning, beginning college a […]

Moms-Take 5 more!

I rounded up five encouraging posts for you earlier this week, and I have five more for you here, just in case you’ve started to climb back up that hill towards Panic Peak. Not that I’ve ever done that… Read on, and enjoy and embrace the gift of love, hope and encouragement I humbly offer […]

Moms-Take five!

‘Tis the week before Christmas. How in the world did it sneak up on us again? Are you stressing? Did you think you had it under control this year only to find that it is going to take Mighty Mom going into major overdrive to have everything picture perfect ready in the short time we […]

True Colors

Crayons ¬© Gingerme from Many times, you will discover nuggets of very interesting truths in everyday conversations, especially with your children if you learn to listen closely. Our daughter had attended an event for a college classmate recently and got to catch up with friends there. Some of them did not recognize her, as […]

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