Today you can be their gift: Speak up!

   Have you ever felt nudged to speak up, share something, to offer help or hope, or simply to introduce yourself? Did you act on that nudge, or did you squelch it, thinking it might make you look foolish, put you in the uncomfortable situation of being rebuffed, or worse? Our little but loudly yipping […]

Are you raising a praise junkie?

Good girl!  Good boy!  Good job! Are those phrases a familiar part of your parenting repertoire? As much as we believe we are being supportive and loving of our children when we use these phrases, we actually might be raising a junkie. That’s right. You heard me. A praise junkie. Just as addicts crave the […]

Three steps to discovering and encouraging your child’s strengths and talents

    Do you encourage your child’s strengths or concentrate on their weaknesses? I have a confession to make. I was a mom who concentrated on the weaknesses. I may have commented on the A’s, but my eye would go right to the other grades, and ask “What happened here? What can you do to […]

The Wild Web Roundup

Good Monday to everyone! Welcome again to my occasional feature, the Wild Web Roundup, in which I share interesting tidbits from with internet. We come out of the gate today with more changes from Facebook: Ahh, Facebook. I barely knew ye, yet you have changed again. What do we need to know, and what will […]

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