Laying the groundwork for a stronger family

Making the decision to move 1,000 miles away from the deep roots you’ve put down over the course of your life is not an easy one. I speak from experience, as it took my husband and I years to finally decide to move from the cold northeast to the mild climate of Tennessee. Now that […]

How to make better decisions using Walk Away Shoes

We’ve all made decisions we’ve regretted. Just look at the clothes and hairstyles we thought were the most amazing ever for our senior high school portraits. While we can’t go back in time and make a different choice, we can learn how to make better decisions for our future.   Going through Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University […]

5 Steps to reduce stress this Christmas season

Let’s do a quick test. In the next few, short weeks: Several people will surprise you with gifts, and you have none for them. You discover you have double-booked yourself—more than once—for holiday events. You will learn on Christmas morning you will be hosting ten additional guests for dinner that night. If these thoughts make […]

Three Ideas to Help Guide You to the Right Decision

    I’m excited to introduce you to my guest writer today, especially since he is a friend and past coach: Joel Boggess, of Finding Your Voice Radio. I discovered Joel when I was drowning—again—in a job that didn’t fit, and he helped me see I actually had skills and talent that I could put […]

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