If you give a child a choice

When was the last time you read the delightful children’s book If You Give a Mouse a Cookie? If you need a refresher or synopsis, the story revolves around the “what if” of giving a mouse a cookie, and the humorous consequences that just don’t stop, ultimately leaving the youthful main character exhausted on the floor. […]

Let go and allow them to grow

  Your eyes glisten with tears as you grab for yet another tissue. You promised yourself and your family you wouldn’t cry, that you’d maintain your composure. After all, this is that moment when the baby you have cared for with such tenderness spreads their wings and begin to move forward into the wild, blue […]

What love language do you speak?

Have you ever met with a teacher, computer tech, doctor, lawyer, or other professional, and found your eyes glazing as they used words and phrases that were meaningless to you, but were the heart and soul, the language, of their profession? It’s frustrating, isn’t it? Did you know that every member of your family, including […]

Five minute Friday: Beyond

  Once I get beyond the just too cute flowered onesies and the dirty diapers… Once I get beyond the bubble gum pink elastic waist pants and the toddler tantrums… Once I get beyond the exasperated “Mom, everyone is wearing these” too snug jeans and the peeved protests… Once I get beyond seeing my lovely […]

Starting conversations with your kids-Pillow Journals

How do your conversations go with your school age kids? Let me take a stab at what might pass for a run-of-the-mill give and take between the two of you: How was your day? Ok. What did you do? Nothing. How’s that new class going? <Crickets chirping> Child has exited the building. *Sigh* So how […]

Five minute Friday: Beauty

  Every Friday I join Lisa-Jo over at The Gypsy Mama for a quick, no edit writing topic, and we each watch, often in surprise, at what appears beneath our tapping fingers in the short span of five minutes. This week she pulls together what has been on her heart of late and turns it […]

A Boomerang responds…

I wrote a post last week about a young adult who had moved back home-a boomerang-and how the mom found a successful resolution to the situation when it became a problem. If you have not read it, I highly recommend reading it for background. You can read it here. I was chatting with our youngest about […]

True Colors

Crayons © Gingerme from Flickr.com Many times, you will discover nuggets of very interesting truths in everyday conversations, especially with your children if you learn to listen closely. Our daughter had attended an event for a college classmate recently and got to catch up with friends there. Some of them did not recognize her, as […]

Five minute Friday-The hard love

Every Friday The Gypsy Mama gives a prompt and you are supposed to write about it in 5 minutes.  Only 5 minutes!  Also, no edits!  Just write.  So here goes . . .Start…Nobody ever told me, wisely, how hard parenting would be. Especially when one of your daughters is so wonderfully different from you. The […]

Looking for the Good

How practiced are you at looking for the good in your day? For the most part, I am blessed with the ability to always look for the good in everything. I am the one ready to find even a small slice of blue sky to brighten my day. Of course, it is never enough for […]

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