Forgetting to be grateful: unmet expectations and Not-Skis

Merry, merry, Christmas, everyone! So that I may spend more time with my family I am sharing a post from last year, written by my daughter Alexis. As I wrote last year, she is cute, witty, and a terrific writer. Plus, she and her hubby are parents now, so perhaps this is a timely story […]

Got encouragement?
Time to give and receive: It’s a linkup!

As we approach the final days before Christmas, I hope you are slowing down, letting go, asking for help, and especially taking time for the important and not just the urgent. To help you find those sweet and savory spaces of rest, relaxation and encouragement, I have put together a list that includes a variety […]

Too Darn Happy Christmas videos

Normally I do not post on Saturdays, but these videos were just too good to keep to myself. If you are not familiar with Gimundo, a website that bills itself as serving good news daily, you need to put them on your regular reading schedule. They have a round up of 6 Clever, Fun, and […]

Moms-Ask for help!

There is something very ironic about this morning as I write this post while simultaneously printing out a twenty-five day project list for being organized throughout the Christmas season. Oh, and did I say that my gifts aren’t wrapped, I have come down with a cold, family has started to arrive for the holiday (hooray!), […]

Too Darn Happy Moment on Giving

Are you feeling a little-just not in the spirit-this Christmas? Maybe tired? Worn out? Just not feeling the joy? Might I suggest a cure by sprinkling some generosity into the lives of others? One. Small. Act. That’s all. They don’t even have to know, if that’s your preference. Pull a name from a giving tree […]

Innkeeper secrets revealed! – An introduction

You might be asking yourself why, on a blog dedicated to helping moms build stronger and more satisfying relationships, is Miss Too Darn Happy going to be revealing innkeeping secrets? Glad you asked. Traveling down memory lane recently about a previous life, in which I helped my parents and hubbie to run a large very […]

Family Traditions-Small is the new big

One of the best kept secrets, unfortunately, is that very often the opportunities to develop the most treasured traditions are those we may overlook, as we view them solely as run-of-the-mill, smaller, inexpensive, less memorable moments. Often times, instead, I think we all lean towards the “bigger is better” theory of life, and apply that […]

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