You are NOT the target

  Wouldn’t it be great if cranky, grumpy, hot-tempered people took an extended, nay, permanent, vacation far, far, away? Ahhh, such a sweet dream. In the real world, though, there are crabby people who will launch their slings and arrows your way with hardly a thought. You get to choose how to respond, and I […]

12 secrets to deflecting life’s slings and arrows

 What do ornery coworkers, angry children and irritable spouses have in common? You as the target. Well, at least it seems that way, especially when you feel like you could be part porcupine because of all the virtual arrows bristling from your back. However, in most cases, you really are not the target. What you just […]

Five minute Friday-Deep breath…

    Every Friday The Gypsy Mama gives a prompt and you are supposed to write about it in 5 minutes.  Only 5 minutes!  Also, no edits!  Just write.  So here goes . . .  Deep Breath… I take a deep breath, knowing I draw in patience at the same time. Patience to deal with […]

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