7 Day Stamina Challenge Wrap up

Well, well. Wasn’t that an interesting, jam packed full-of-learning week. Anyone who participated in the challenge deserves a pat on the back for stretching those comfort zones so far that we were sure that they might snap us right into next week. Or under the wheels of an oncoming bus. I came away intrigued, in […]

Final Day of the 7 Day Stamina Challenge

I must admit to being elated when I saw the challenge for Day 7: Eating! Hooray! I love eating. Yes, I know I needed to be the cook, but that was fine. But I get to talk, too. To At With my dear hubbie. Connecting with Keith, over dinner. A wonderful end to the challenge. […]

7 Day Stamina Challenge: Baring your soul on Day 6

Here we go again, on the roller coaster of growth and change: This isn’t bad. Ok, it’s a little disconcerting. Oh. My. Gosh. I’M GOING TO DIE!!! Whew! Guess not. Let’s do it again! Chug, chug, chug…Where are we? Oh, yes, Day 6: Go public – Tell at least two people about your big, hairy, […]

7 Day Stamina Challenge: Day 5 and Fraidy-Catness

When I first read about the 7 Day Stamina Challenge, I admit to feeling just a wee bit cocky. It’s that same foolish bravado you experience at the start of a new, ambitious exercise regime. How hard can it be, I asked, when the first challenge was to get up a half hour early? Not […]

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