‘Tis Better to Have Loved and Lost…

A long, long time ago, when our girls were in their early elementary years, we adopted a beautiful three-year old Yellow Labrador dog named Sam, who had been abandoned on a busy street in town by his owner. Not only had he been unceremoniously dumped, but the shelter had been unable to find him a […]

Looking in the Rear View Mirror

When you took Driver’s Education in high school, you were taught to be aware of all your surroundings so that you would be safe behind the wheel. As you looked ahead, you scanned the traffic and the roadsides. You glanced regularly at your rear view mirror, where you kept an eye on the vehicles and […]

Happy, happy, joy, joy

I love being married. My hubbie is my bff, and I adore him. We consider ourselves so blessed to have joy and laughter overflowing in our lives, connecting us with our family, friends and our faith. That is not to say that everything is easy-breezy, hunky-dory every day. We have challenges that arise, emergencies to […]

Blindness and perspectives

  Although the week-long workcamp we just completed involved a tremendous amount of hard work, we looked forward to the evening programs with anticipation, as they provided an opportunity for fun, fellowship, and food for thought, as well as a joyful boost of energy at the end of the day. One night, our ebullient MC, […]

Happy Independence Day!

The National Memorial Arch at Valley Forge, PA Photo by Kim Hall The United States Memorial Arch, located at the intersection of Outerline Drive and Gulph Road, was erected to commemorate the arrival of General George Washington and his Continental Army into Valley Forge. Quoted from the National Park Service I took advantage of an […]

A canary in a coal mine

  For those happy campers who may not have an historical knowledge of mining, here is just a bit of background. Early on, caged canaries were taken down into the coal mines as air quality monitors. If the birds died, the miners knew that they had to get out immediately, as their air supply had […]

One for the girls

Normally, I am not a person who forwards many emails. Who has time, with all the responding required to those requests for assistance from deposed dignitaries from third world countries who are prepared to send you millions of dollars? However, this one made me smile–even though there is no promise of riches within. I hope […]

Somewhere over the train wreck

When I was a youngster, my dad played the guitar and banjo, and was sometimes joined by a friend who played as well. I always enjoyed listening to them, and was inspired enough to pick up the guitar. Occasionally, when I was a bit older, I would even sing out at public venues with a […]

A leap of faith

Do you remember the scene in the movie, “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade” in which Indy had to locate and retrieve the Holy Grail in order to heal his father? At one point, our hero was running through a tunnel, and he came to a sudden halt as his path opened out onto the […]

In loving memory

A few weeks ago, I spent a day with my youngest daughter, and we drove up to my grandparents’ home in Northern Vermont. It was not a traditional visit, as my grandmother passed away just before this past Christmas, and my grandfather now resides in a nursing home. We visited the empty house this time-home to […]

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