Great expectations create happier marriages

  If you have hung around here for any length of time, you know I am an optimist. Yes, I struggle with being discouraged, annoyed, and even angry sometimes when things aren’t working out as I had expected. However, I remain overall, a believer in expecting the best. You could say that in my world, […]

Dancing out of your comfort zone

 Earlier this week, I recommended you S-T-R-E-T-C-H your comfort zone, and gave you the benefits of and ideas for doing so. Some of you found those a bit daunting, and that is ok. It just means you have found an edge of your comfort zone—hooray! To further discover areas that need to be broken through, […]

A cure for cabin fever

What season is it in your part of the world? Here in the Northeast U.S., we are coming to the end of winter, thankfully! Similar to a BMW, we can go from slightly above zero to sixty not in a minute, but definitely over the course of a day. The morning can dawn below freezing, […]

Are you a happy wife?

photo: Greg Daniel Photography I have an exciting announcement for you, but first I have a confession: I have been very happily married for 30 years. I have struggled in the past with writing that, out of fear I would offend someone who wasn’t happily married, or that they might think I was putting myself on […]

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