The peril of being Possibility Impaired

peril of being possibility impaired

  Have you ever heard the expression Possibility Impaired? I hadn’t until I read a real estate book by Gary Eldred. He wrote about home owners who couldn’t see the potential—the possibilities—in their properties. I immediately thought about how applicable this phrase was to so much of our lives. Please allow me share a couple […]

Living Beyond Your Comfort Zone

Living beyond your comfort zone

Have you ever felt stuck, and wondered about the possibility of living beyond your comfort zone as a solution?  How does that make you feel? Afraid? Irresponsible? Excited? This week I have three pieces to challenge and encourage you. I pray they will breathe life, strength, and courage into your soul!   Apathetic Living and […]

When Fear Meets the Pushmi-Pullyu

Llama by GollyGforce wm

  As wives and moms, you take on a wide variety of roles, including the Pushmi-Pullyu. For reference, a Pushmi-Pullyu is the two-headed llama from the famous Dr. Doolittle series of children’s books. You are probably curious what you could possibly have in common with that creature. When you encourage your loved ones, you do so […]

Richly colored silver linings

look beyond rain to see silver lining

Did you know sunny days are not your best friend for taking pictures? It is the cloudy and sometimes even rainy days that bring out the most amazingly saturated hues in the landscape. As a photographer I especially love this weather, as it makes my photos just POP with lush greens, brilliant blues, and deep reds. […]

Bear-ly fearless

Bearly fearless wm

 Fear. We talk about it quite a bit, don’t we, my friends? We can be afraid of so much, and yet when we face it head on, we find it is often just smoke and mirrors, an itty-bitty Chihuahua whose bark is artificially amplified from behind the curtain. Today I am sharing a story I wrote […]

Dear Chihuahua of Fear


photo:   Dear Chihuahua of Fear, I have some things I’d like to say to you. You showed up on my doorstep unannounced and uninvited a long, long time ago, and I took you in. How could I not, with those adorable eyes and cute perky ears? You had a puppy’s firecracker enthusiasm, but […]

Moving from Scaredy Cat to Too Darn Happy

Happy Girl Riding on Rainbows Tricycle Free Creative Commons

Folks tend to be curious about how I came to be here as a helper and encourager, so today I’m sharing my story. It’s not nice and neat, and parts are kind of embarrassing, probably much like yours and anyone else’s. My hope is that you draw encouragement to step out to follow your dreams, […]

God-Sized Dreams

For The Future

  Another New Year has arrived! To paraphrase the Grinch: Let’s blow our flu-flubers and bang our tar-tinkers! Let’s shriek, squeak and squeal, racing round on our wheels and dance with jin-tinglers tied onto our heels! Uh huh. Is that what you are thinking, or are you hiding under the bed with your pet dust […]

Five Minute Friday-Brave

I'm Brave Kent County Girls on the Run April 06, 20104

photo: stevendepolo  Brave? That word used to send me scurrying under the bed with my good buddies the dust bunnies. They were good company: quiet, companionable, and most importantly, asked nothing of me. We’d just rest there until Miss Fearsome Opportunity stopped her insistent knocking on the door and moved along to scare share with […]

Five Minute Friday-Roar


The knock comes again, at my front door, this time more firm and determined. I’ve been down these stairs before. I think that every time it will be different. That my inner optimistic child, who hears the pounding of our answered prayers, will grab my hand and I will run joyfully right alongside her, to […]

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