Got encouragement?
Time to give and receive: It’s a linkup!

As we approach the final days before Christmas, I hope you are slowing down, letting go, asking for help, and especially taking time for the important and not just the urgent. To help you find those sweet and savory spaces of rest, relaxation and encouragement, I have put together a list that includes a variety […]

A symphony, a tradition, and a Dixie cup of memories

As parents, we love it when we see our best attributes, beloved pastimes and favorite foods embraced by our children, to be remembered with great fondness through the years as revered traditions. It’s validation that we are good, that our decisions are right, and that we are doing a wonderful job rearing them. Well, maybe […]

A conductor, the internet, and a choir-oh my!

I love music.However, I don’t play any instruments, although I took a spin at the ivories and recorder in third grade (does anybody remember that instrument?), and learned the very basics of guitar from a friend in seventh. I did take voice lessons as a young adult, and enjoyed them immensely, but my voice took […]

Losing our way and finding our audience of One

The love of the Lord, my Lord, washes over me as I sit here in the congregation with the light of the early morning softly illuminating the sanctuary while I listen to the worship team practice their songs for the service. I am, in a very small way, their audience of one. And yet, they […]

Somewhere over the train wreck

When I was a youngster, my dad played the guitar and banjo, and was sometimes joined by a friend who played as well. I always enjoyed listening to them, and was inspired enough to pick up the guitar. Occasionally, when I was a bit older, I would even sing out at public venues with a […]

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