The inevitable transition of seasons

  Seeing your little one off on the first day of school. Waving goodbye as your baby heads to college. Giving your daughter away at her wedding.   Seasons. Our lives are full of seasons and the small and large In-Between times. I wrote previously about stubbornly refusing to let go of summer, as though […]

Living in the In-Between

    Last night we learned my nephew has a brain tumor. This morning I stand on my porch, birdsong welcoming the day as though nothing has changed, the whisper-soft breeze carrying muted sounds of distant lives. Such a dramatic change from last night, when booming thunder struck a match, setting off a brilliant lightning […]

Let go and allow them to grow

  Your eyes glisten with tears as you grab for yet another tissue. You promised yourself and your family you wouldn’t cry, that you’d maintain your composure. After all, this is that moment when the baby you have cared for with such tenderness spreads their wings and begin to move forward into the wild, blue […]

Are you being sugared off?

As I drove past a local college last week, I noticed that they had tapped the stately maples that lined the campus, the old-fashioned metal buckets hugging the large, gray tree trunks. Were one of the science classes running experiments, I wondered, or were culinary students preparing to take part in one of our long-standing […]

Summer is leaving…Was it something I said?

Fall has officially drifted into New England. *Sigh* Millions of visitors make the worthwhile journey here to see our brilliant and bejewelled autumnal landscape. I know it’s beautiful. But I. Like. Summer. {She stamps foot like toddler} I want my bright and lemonadey, slow and swingy, kayak and paddley season back, and I am going […]

Five minute Friday-When seasons change…

    Every Friday The Gypsy Mama gives a prompt and you are supposed to write about it in 5 minutes.  Only 5 minutes!  Also, no edits!  Just write.  So here goes . . .  When seasons change… When seasons change, we are given a glorious opportunity to experience something new, to revel in everything […]

Welcome Spring!

Spring has arrived! Warm sunshine. Green grass. Crocuses. Gentle breezes. Soft earth that yields to the weight of bare feet. But wait. God is not quite done with winter. He still has some batter in the bottom of his great mixing bowl that he scrapes out and drops down upon the New England landscape. More […]

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