Joy Triumphs

  Health is the greatest of God’s gifts, but we take it for granted. It hangs on a thread as fine as a spider’s web, and the smallest thing can make it snap, leaving the strongest of us helpless in an instant, and in that instant, hope is our protector, and love, our panacea. ~Via PBS […]

Saturday Sips: Your Personal Master Gardener, FREE!

  Are you weary of winter? Do you enjoy fresh vegetables? Then as your Personal Sherpa of Joy, I have a suggestion. I invite you to think about warmer weather and planting a garden. Those of you who are discouraged members of the Black Thumb Club like me, take heart. Your own Personal Master Gardener is available, for […]

Today you can be their gift: Speak up!

   Have you ever felt nudged to speak up, share something, to offer help or hope, or simply to introduce yourself? Did you act on that nudge, or did you squelch it, thinking it might make you look foolish, put you in the uncomfortable situation of being rebuffed, or worse? Our little but loudly yipping […]

Richly colored silver linings

Did you know sunny days are not your best friend for taking pictures? It is the cloudy and sometimes even rainy days that bring out the most amazingly saturated hues in the landscape. As a photographer I especially love this weather, as it makes my photos just POP with lush greens, brilliant blues, and deep reds. […]

10 Lessons from being wrecked

  “Just a broken foot and two cracked ribs? That’s it?”   I can remember quizzing the ER doctor following his diagnosis and instructions and feeling pretty darn lucky. Well, foolish, too, because if I hadn’t applied that imaginary brake in the front passenger seat when that driver crashed into us head on, I would […]

Has your canary gone silent?

Welcome dear readers! My family and I have some exciting changes happening in our lives, but the downside is that I am being pulled in too many directions at once. Therefore,  I am sharing a post from my archives. For those happy campers who may not have an historical knowledge of mining, here is just […]

What do I do that shows you I love you? Mammograms!

Dear readers, those of you who have read my blog know that I share my personal experiences to illustrate concepts, to share a laugh and a lesson learned, to ultimately support and encourage stronger and more satisfying relationships. I have never been a fan of the let it all hang out genre, as I believe […]

52 Blessings-Week 1

This first entry is actually a very difficult choice, because when I sit and start to list my blessings, I am absolutely overwhelmed by all that is good in my life. That is not to say that I am not challenged. Oh, no. Far from it. I guess, thinking in that vein, especially about my […]

A canary in a coal mine

  For those happy campers who may not have an historical knowledge of mining, here is just a bit of background. Early on, caged canaries were taken down into the coal mines as air quality monitors. If the birds died, the miners knew that they had to get out immediately, as their air supply had […]

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