Saturday Sips: Courage, clarity, and change, oh my!

    Tis the exciting season of graduation, and you know that means: Cake! Oops, I mean commencement addresses. Oh, I am so sorry for that let down, but I do have good news for you. Not only have there been some terrific speakers around the country this year, but they offer inspiring, joyful, and […]

A must-have decision making tool

My basic principle is that you don’t make decisions because they are easy; you don’t make them because they are cheap; you don’t make them because they are popular; you make them because they’re right.  ~Theodore Hesburgh   It’s the same old refrain. You have a big decision to make and you just don’t know […]

Moving from Scaredy Cat to Too Darn Happy

Folks tend to be curious about how I came to be here as a helper and encourager, so today I’m sharing my story. It’s not nice and neat, and parts are kind of embarrassing, probably much like yours and anyone else’s. My hope is that you draw encouragement to step out to follow your dreams, […]

Four Insights for Moms from
Lucille Ball and The Chocolate Factory

  Whether you’ve previously seen the clip of Lucy and Ethel working in a chocolate factory or not, you need to watch it below before you go any further. Go ahead and enjoy a bit of humor for this morning. I’ll wait.   Their frantic behavior and makeshift solutions hit home every time and make […]

5 Ways to create margin in your life

The much anticipated and equally dreaded Spring Forward! time change has arrived. Those of us who have experienced it with children know how exciting it is for the kids to be able to play outside longer and later, but also know how it can disrupt sleep and morning routines. If you are functioning right to […]

Are you embracing your problems?

Welcome, welcome, whether you are a familiar face or a new visitor! For you first timers, I am so glad that you have found me, as I am passionate about sharing resources and information to help you builder stronger and more satisfying relationships in your lives. I regularly mix family, faith, friendships and frugality for […]

Rescuing your marriage by looking back from the future

I am wading into the deep, dark waters of marriages that are going down for the last time, where the last vestiges of love are drowning in the waves of unmet expectations, hurt, anger and selfishness. I just can’t stand on the sidelines this time shaking my head and saying What a shame. They seemed […]

Five Minute Friday-Vivid

  Gray. Washed out. Worn out. Just plain tired. Do you feel as a mom sometimes that you just don’t have what it takes anymore? That between the job, the kids, the finances, the stress, that you have been stripped of your joyful, colorful self? I felt that way last year. You know what I […]

Five Minute Friday-Grow

It started with a gentle tug, a quiet whisper. Kim, my love, it’s time. Take my hand, it’s time to move into the plans I have made for you. Thanks, I say, but I can’t really go there, because, well, I’m afraid. I know I’ve told you time and again how unfulfilled I am, how […]

What happens when you encourage a daughter?

  What does happen when you encourage a daughter to search for her strengths and to move forward in that direction? Some pretty incredible stuff. In learning so much this past year about what makes me tick-wheels going ka-thunk, wanting to live a life that matters, telling my story-I realized that there was so much […]

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