Are you living like you are dying?

living like you are dying

In the past two weeks I’ve heard from a fellow writer who lost one of her dear friends who was a wife and mother of two teens, a co-worker from a previous job whose dad passed away, and a recent acquaintance whose son succumbed to an illness. The grief is deep in those families, and […]

Leave them better than you found them

leave them better

    I had A Moment yesterday. You know, one those times when someone shares a bit of insight that absolutely rocks you back on your heels. Mine came as I was listening to our pastor preaching on the mystery of marriage. He shared about a bit of advice he received when he introduced his (hopefully) future […]

Saturday Sips: Encourage the dreamers

encourage dreamers

    I recently wrote about giving your children the freedom to dream and shared an interview I had done with a young man who wished to become a Navy SEAL. Being a parent of any child is difficult, especially when they choose a goal that is challenging, takes a great deal of courage, and […]

What does being brave look like?

being brave

There are more definitions of bravery than there are shades of grass and colors of the sky. My idea of bravery is quite different from that of a Navy SEAL, which is a world apart from being a cold call, door-to-door salesman. While I may think I want to be unafraid in ways like them, […]

You are a walking advertisement for you

you are a walking advertisement for you

Do you remember those old-fashioned sandwich boards? Businesses would, and still do, employ people to walk around to market their businesses. Similarly, you are a walking advertisement for you. As the lyrics of that old song from The Police go: Every breath you take, every move you make, every bond you break, every step you […]

Are you a listener or a fixer?

are you a listener or fixer

  Admit it: You love it when folks listen to you, especially when it is your husband. There is almost a sexiness about it when his eyes are looking into yours, and his attention is fully focused what you have to say.   But what about when you feel you are not being heard? Stephen […]

Double delightfulness, and an exciting announcement, too

Mr whippy at Ditchling Beacon

   I have two tasty and practical treats for you today, my friends. Think of these as being as delicious as a cone full of lip-smacking soft-serve vanilla, paired with a crispy, chocolately cookie, while containing all the nutrition and calories of broccoli. First up is my latest contribution at the Happy Wives Club. Talking […]

The importance of stretching your comfort zone

On the Start Line

Do you remember the anxiety of learning to drive? There was that sheer terror of keeping your eyes on a million things at once, knowing if you lost focus for a nanosecond, you’d cause the biggest accident on the planet ever. When you hop in your car now, do any of your early concerns even […]

Honesty: What’s love got to do with it?

heart in hand seasonswithsoul

Honesty has fallen so far out of favor in our culture that it sits lower than a young rapper’s jeans on his skinny frame. Too many people now believe it is for fools who aren’t enlightened enough to understand the many nuances of truth, rubes who are too ethical to understand the devastating potential it […]

Love by the Book-Part 2

love by the book

Welcome to Part Two of Love by the Book! If you missed Part One, you can find it here. If you read it last week and took action, I’d love to have you share in the comments how it helped. In honor of love and marriage and to help grow stronger and more satisfying relationships, […]

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