Forgetting to be grateful: unmet expectations and Not-Skis

merry christmas

Merry, merry, Christmas, everyone! So that I may spend more time with my family I am sharing a post from last year, written by my daughter Alexis. As I wrote last year, she is cute, witty, and a terrific writer. Plus, she and her hubby are parents now, so perhaps this is a timely story […]

Dear weary Mom, hang in there!

girl frown face illustration

    I don’t know about you, but I am a weary mom today.   Usually when I hear that term I think of bleary-eyed young women adjusting to their new role as a parent. But moms at any stage can feel tuckered out, worn down, full of worry and just plain overwhelmed. Moms of […]

Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall,
You Don’t Own Me, Not at All!

Kids Day - Dress up

    Did you do your final check in the mirror today, making sure everything was just so? Did you find yourself murmuring that eternal question of comparison: Mirror, mirror on the wall. . . How about your heart? Did you remember to do a beauty check on that, too? That’s where we say beauty […]

When Fear Meets the Pushmi-Pullyu

Llama by GollyGforce wm

  As wives and moms, you take on a wide variety of roles, including the Pushmi-Pullyu. For reference, a Pushmi-Pullyu is the two-headed llama from the famous Dr. Doolittle series of children’s books. You are probably curious what you could possibly have in common with that creature. When you encourage your loved ones, you do so […]

The circle of life brings big gifts in tiny packages

holding hands

  I’ve updated this post from a year ago, in honor of our circle of life that will soon be expanding.   I look back over the rocky chasms and green fields of the past almost 30 years, and zoom in on those beginning months that were shaping me to be a parent. Yes, we […]

Ten hidden gems you might have missed

Precious Things

    Since I tend to march to the beat of a very different drummer, I am sharing my top ten hidden gems rather than just showing you my top ten posts. After all, you’ve probably already seen the most popular posts of all time in the right sidebar. Here they are, in no particular […]

If you give a child a choice

Mouse cookie from book cover

When was the last time you read the delightful children’s book If You Give a Mouse a Cookie? If you need a refresher or synopsis, the story revolves around the “what if” of giving a mouse a cookie, and the humorous consequences that just don’t stop, ultimately leaving the youthful main character exhausted on the floor. […]

What Ricochet the Dog teaches us about parenting

family at play wm

  Are you familiar with the story of Ricochet the Dog? She began “school” as a young pup so that when she grew up she would be a Service dog for an individual with disabilities. There are parallels between what happened during her training and what can transpire as you raise your children. You have […]

Through grateful eyes: a fresh perspective

rain rain umbrellas nina matthews flickr comm

As a parent, you have probably experienced close calls and feelings of helplessness with your children. Your toddler disappears from the backyard. The police call to say that your teens have been in a car accident. Your daughter phones from across the ocean, sobbing about how a sadistic old woman—her host mother for her junior […]

Curiosity did not kill the cat;
it gave her room to breathe

cat curious alexis helmrath

You’ve probably had one of those days recently. If you haven’t, you figure you’re due. The tension in your body takes its toll, as does the constant slight holding of your breath, because you just know that other shoe is going to drop. It always does. And it’s going to hurt. “Mom! I told you I […]

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