Laying the groundwork for a stronger family

Making the decision to move 1,000 miles away from the deep roots you’ve put down over the course of your life is not an easy one. I speak from experience, as it took my husband and I years to finally decide to move from the cold northeast to the mild climate of Tennessee. Now that […]

Leaving a legacy of love

  If you’ve been visiting here for a while, you are probably familiar with this powerful question: What do I do that shows you I love you? The answers are more numerous than the shoes in your closet, the pounds you’ve lost and gained, and the hours you’ve spent waiting.   There are the especially […]

The parable of a man and no margin

You may have had that hair-raising experience of standing too close to the edge of mountain trail only to lose your balance or feel the ground shift beneath your feet. Thankfully you scrambled backwards and out of the danger zone before you went over, your heart pounding all the while as you consider the accident […]

Hurricanes and rising waters

  My apologies for not having my usual Monday morning post up for you, dear readers, but we lost power yesterday morning and have yet to get it back. We are operating the generator as needed, and so I am able to grab some internet while it runs. I wrote most of this post yesterday, […]

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